Top 10 never or rarely used features

There are a few features I’ve been for quite a long. But i also noticed that there are many more features of roon that i never use or even some that i am not aware of.

So I am just curious which features are rarely or never used by the community.

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I don’t use most of the functions.

I just need basic functions … a good representation of my ID tags / search function, a stable connection with good sound and a simple not to overloaded operation.

Roon is very extensive, shows a lot and you can spend a lot of time with it. How much time each has to decide for themselves.

The display and design in Roon is sometimes very overloaded. Sometimes less is more!

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I never use the „Overview“ Page as it is useless in its current form and state. Lots of wasted screen property.


I hate to say it but my least used feature is the album reviews and artists bio’s. It’s not that I don’t want to use them but I simply can’t read them because of the white letters on black background. I can read them for about four lines, after that the letters start floating in air and are unreadable.

I always start on the overview page as I can see suggested Albums and single along with recently added and played material. Very useful indeed.


I can’t begin to list the features I don’t use currently and the many I’m not even aware of, yet.

Roon does work perfectly for what I do need and use it for in these trying times which is basically allow me to queue and play hours of uninterrupted music. My wife and I are care providers for my mother and she lives in our home. She often comments on the beautiful music and I can easily find old stuff for her. Need to add a zone in her room and have playlists just for her but I’m not letting her anywhere near the remotes.

One of these days I will have the time to explore what all Roon has to offer but I dread the reasons that get me there.

For now I will continue to use what I’m familiar with and what brings joy and comfort to those in my household.


I don’t use any DSP. I like listening to lossless and seeing the purple light.


I think I use pretty much all of Roon’s features at some time or other with the exception of Live Radio. Also, I seldom use Roon Radio because I play my extensive library in shuffle mode. I don’t like to listen to the same type of music all the time. It gets boring.

I don’t use any of the DSP facilities but I do manage to find and play all the music I like.
I have my Audio book section working for me also. I also like being able to follow musicians through from credits. If you hear a great recording and click on the Bass player or whoever and find out what company she keeps… A great way to discover new (To Me) Music.


For me, the Roon Radio is a great feature. I ALWAYS listen to full albums at a time. I NEVER use shuffle. Then, when the album finishes, Roon cycles through similiar music. This way, I constantly reconnect to artist or discover new (to me) artist and link to their albums. I find a lot of artist who I was not crazy about 30, 40, or 50 years ago just by listening to random songs on the radio. But now, listening to their full albums, many are way better than I ever knew.


I never use DSP and I never use Roon radio. I have tried them but they don’t help my enjoyment of he music.

I’m sure many are different and therein lies the problem. Everyone’s view of what is important and ‘basic’ are different.

There’s a few.

  • Artists page - mostly grey tiles and when Artists are shown, I don’t recognise them.
  • Any subscription service, Tidal, Qobuz
  • Performances - The same song on the database is a small percentage of reality, depends on how the composer is written in the metadata, e.g. Lennon-McCartney, Lennon/McCartney, Lennon & McCartney, Bacharach/David, Burt Bacharach-Hal David, get the drift?
  • DSP - doesn’t make the music sound better, tone controls on amps do a better job
  • Overview - maybe used this twice, useless
  • The ‘New’ Blue banner disappears after a week or two, we can’t listen to all new albums in one go!
  • Album Bio - Right from the beginning, there’s no way to switch this off, I usually make my own reference material, convert to pdf and then view from Roon.

Artists page is very inconvenient. I would like to see the output mode in the form of a list with small photos.


I never use the ‘Top Tracks’ section on the Artists page. I always scroll down to the albums section. I can’t believe many people use it because it seems unrepresentative.


The Artist page moslty lacks metadata. Just a picture with an artist name is the utmost basic you can get. I would like to see at least genre info, bands to which the artist is related etc in an overview instead of endlesly clicking back and forth. There is enough room for some more metadata directly under the artists pictures. I know many people are very afraid this might lead to clutter but it isn’t, it’s quite the opposite in fact, it leads to a much better overview of your collection. The same holds for the Albums page and the composers page. At least show me related bands whom these composer composed for, show me genre info directly under the picture, give me more than just a picture and a name that just don’t cut it and that’s exactly the reason why the composer page an artists page are almost never used by me, they have no real added value at all in it’s current state.


And that picture most times are incorrect and the most basic part would be to be able to change that picture. Album art you can but the photo you cannot.

The album is say 20, 30 or 40 years old and half of the members that recorded this album are no longer with the band and yet there is a photo of the current lineup which had nothing to do with this particular album and there is no way to replace this photo.

Same goes for the BIO of the band.

Back to basics for me. Just enjoy listening and pay no never mind to the rest.


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Can you not use 3 dots edit on the artist page?

I agree you can’t update BIOs

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This is new to me. Did not know that this was available.

Thank you for this tip.

Can this be done per album?


No, but I like the idea. The band growing older as you go through their catalogue.