Track fade out (Pause, Stop, Skip Track, Sleep, ...) and fade in when restarting

I would love to ‘see’ it implemented. :slight_smile:


I’d love to see an option in Settings to fade on pause or stop. It can be disconcerting and jarring to abruptly stop music and manually fading isn’t always possible.


Yes please. This would be great. And an option to define the time of the fade out. Thanks!

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Is it already available please?

No, not currently available.

This is something that I’d love to see as it’s also easier on the ears and on equipment, especially speakers… Though I’d assume this will require some sort of DSP always on - anyways, I’d love to have the option.


Maybe an extension could be developed to do this?

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+1 This would be great.

@Brian commented on this in another thread: Skipping track fadeout?

It’s a feature I’d love to have, too.

Wouldn’t this kill the bitperfect approach ?

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Honestly, I wouldn’t know. But I guess bit perfect playback is not that high on my list as I once thought.

We all have different priorities.

Nothing against functionality, but it MUST be optional :smiley:

Absolutely! I could not agree more. I don’t want to ruin other people’s roon experience.

Seriously, I am all for more options. See this tread:

I second this. Typically I would do that manually if near my amplifier instead of abruptly stop/pause.
I would love to have the smooth pause trigger when using alt or control + pause button on a keyboard/mouse machine, and maybe a long press on tablet/smartphone.

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I would also like to see when unpaused a fade in. There are other less sophisticated and less expensive applications that have both. One example is Aurender.


It would be great to have the option to fade whenever something is done via user input (ex. pause, play, stop, skip track.)

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One feature I miss from my Sony CD Player in the 90s is volume fade out when I skip tracks. This automatically fades the volume down over a period of ~3 seconds to allow a nice transition to the next song when you skip a track. It smoothes out the listening experience as you transition songs. It is especially great at parties, when you don’t want abrupt silence. Of course, this feature could be further enhanced with blending (fading) in the next song from the next track, but I would suggest that a simple fade out of the current track would suffice.


It’s been asked for a fair number of times…

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Thanks Larry.

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Another voice is always good for the cause but to date nothing has been forthcoming. It certainly would add to my listening experience.

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