Track search based on artist name /track name

Hello toon community,

I been using roon for 6 months now and I like it a lot. Although I think there are so improvements needed.

  1. The search mechanism is not as smart as other DBs like YouTube where it will populate the track name or artist even if you misspell the name. Are there any plans for roon to auto correct more efficiently like you tube ?

  2. Is roon ever going to offer sync with YouTube music ?

They are working on improving search:

Generally, Roon does not comment on future plans. Integrating music services always relies on the willingness of the service because Roon requires deep access to their database to do the Roon things. For Youtube, you can vote here for the feature suggestion, then hope :slight_smile:

When Roon makes twenty billion dollars in revenue then they can expand their search team. As it is the one person has a lot to do.

Alright , good solution tbh, no improvement needed, we are golden here :slight_smile: