YouTube integration

Ok, I appreciate that YouTube is not the highest definition comment, however there are many concerts available that I would like to use the inbuilt DSP of Roon with.

Even if it as somewhat like the radio integration agree you need to pass a link would be ok, but I feel that it would be possible to do so much more.


I’d like that too if it’s possible. When we host independent live music we also get to film and record shows selections are then put on You Tube. These sound great via Chromecast and my system so some integration with Roon would be super cool.

Yep. Bumping this old year wish.
Sometimes audiophiles have wives that just want YouTube music. Her arguments are stagering things like… You Tube knows what I want to hear… anyone has figured out some workarrounds maybe? :slight_smile:


I’m probably going to have it running into a Chromecast through the TV via the optical out. Not ideal, but all I have right now.

Understood. I am looking for something I can put on a networked Windows PC and have Roon stream it.
So I was thinking more like… I open YouTube on PC and audio output is streamed to WWW where Roon gets it, just like any other “radio station”. Or can this be even done locally? Anyone? :slight_smile:

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Bumping this. I mean, just listen to Joe Locke!

Would love to have an easy way to paste a URL somewhere and listen to something like this… or listen to an entire channel…


Or something like this -

JRiver has it with its virtual WDM audio device.

I also know about a lot of people using YouTube as a music source. There you can find artists which have not released an album yet or artists which don’t sell their albums via digital stores and streaming services like the prog metal band Tool.

not sure what youtube integration would look like but as they have (by far) the largest catalog of music and videos, the largest consumer base, and is the way the majority of the world shares music, roon seems incomplete without it…

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Here is what I would think.

Under the artist, it allows you to look at official music videos on you tube, maybe using VEVO.

These would then play video via an integration with the you tube app on the remote/core or with the option to cast video to a Chromecast. A bit like hosting videos in a browser. Audio is routed through raat, allowing for DSP etc with a further option to set up a delay so lips are synced, that will vary with network, but should be repeatable. You could offer the same with tidal videos.

Or just use a Chromecast and use optical out from your TV to your DAC and not use DSP.

I too am appalled. I just tried to add YouTube to my “Services”, and I ->still<- only have Tidal and Dropbox as my choices? A friend has posted numerous classical recordings, done by him in his studio, to YouTube. I planned on listening this weekend… WTH? This seems like such a basic feature. The heck with hi-res and all that. Convenience counts for something too. I guess I have to listen on my iPhone?

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I watch youtube (rarely) through my desktop hdmi to TV optical out to my my main system…no problems.


I don’t know of any of the major audio software options that integrates you tube. It would be nice - hence my feature request, but in reality, google won’t allow as they would lose ad revenue.

If your friend has you tube clips, he can probably send you flac or wav versions for you to integrate into Roon.

If you really need to watch it on YouTube, you can still do this via the PC that you have your Roon library installed on, or you could cast it to your TV using a Chromecast, using the optical out of your TV to your DAC.

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What DAC do you have?

A US$35 Chromecast Audio (with it’s optical output) may allow you to play YouTube’s sound to your DAC.

Roon can also play to it too now.

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Thanks Sean. I have an iFi iDAC2 connected to a Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge. You mentioned “Roon can also play to it too now.”. Can you elaborate?



Hi Neil, nice DAC! I had an iDAC2 for a while and really enjoyed it.

Chromecast Audio devices are now Roon endpoints. Just like Airplay devices have been for a while. Just check your Roon Core and endpoints all have the latest Roon updates.

So what I meant was you could use Chrome browser or the native YouTube app and stream (cast) audio direct to the Chromecast Audio device. And also use it for general Roon listening too, now that it’s a Roon endpoint.

Unfortunately the iDAC2 doesn’t have TOSlink input though. The micro iDSD’s and newish xDSD have a TOSLink input.

What amp are you using? Does it have a spare pair of RCA inputs? You could use the analogue output of Chromecast Audio.

JRiver works with YouTube.

Adding YouTube as a Service would be great. I think some of you are missing the point here. We’d like to use DSP in Roon with Youtube. Sure, you can send Youtube to Chromecast or Apple TV but their not going through Roon.

I have an old ATV3 with optical connected to my DAC, and Roon sees this but can’t play Youtube through it.

I think a better option would to allow Roon to accept inputs.

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It would work for audio only. Think about the lag if the video played through the local machine and the audio driver was Roon, decoding and sending a PCM stream across the network to the endpoint.

That would be fine, just send the audio through Roon. I find most of the video content detracts from the audio anyway.

A couple of examples: KEXP and NPR Radio