Track unavailable in Roon but available in Tidal

Sorry thought you meant it was not showing up in Roon. Thats what I was reffering to as they have to sync tidal updates to their local database for roon to find them,. If you refereing to a message that pops up when trying to play the album then this is most likely related to the same thing affecting lots of people using Tidal via Roon thats been going on since November, It might be Tidal related or Roon no-one seems to know, If not that sorry I have no idea.

I just got the same error myself when trying to play it and it came up with the same error as my post above. If you click play a few times it will eventually start it did for me after 4 goes,. its a real pain and only seems to show up for some releases and even then is very intermittent.

This is not an issue of getting an error message. I cannot even start playback at all. See above photos by original poster
Roon simply displays the word “Unavailable” (in red) above the track, in the exact same way that is does if, for example, a drive that contains your music goes down.

Is this a licensing issue that Roon made with Tidal? Brand new Tidal tracks have to be delayed before Roon playback?

Not that I know of and the same track plays for me ok, Im in the UK though. But certain tracks will have different rights management in different countries which could lead to the license for specific tracks not being available in that country. You get this on compilation albums a lot on Tidal they have half the album unavailable due to licensing issues.

As noted above, the track plays not only through the various Tidal apps, but also through Bluesound’s BluOS.
@support ?

And today it is available.
This isn’t critical, but I know I’ll have customers asking me the same questions, so I’d like to have an accurate answer as to why the delay.

Hi Paul,

We’re aware of these reports, and our QA team is actively trying to get this issue consistently reproducible, so our developers can resolve it.

Obviously, the intermittent nature of the issue makes this a bit trickier, but we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to get this pinned down soon.

Obviously, we can’t make commitments about when a release will contain a potential fix, but I wanted to confirm this is on our radar and actively being looked into. We appreciate everyone’s patience!

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Any more news on this @mike?

I too have had many instances of a song that is definitely available on Tidal but it stops playing in Roon (or doesn’t play at all) with the message that it’s “unavailable” in Tidal. As the message board for this bug is almost two years old, I assume that this issue hasn’t been fixed? I’m a relatively new subscriber to Roon but this is a deal breaker for me as it happens quite often.

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Hi, Im having this problem with albums I can find them In tidal but not on roon app.

still not fixed - just got it this morning … quite frustrating … as other Apps/Tidal integrations seems to not have these kind of issues

Same here.

Again and again the same only problems with Tidal in Roon! Albums are not found Tracks are not there or will not be played. Via Tidal everything ok via Audirvana Plus everything is there because everything runs without problems, even the new albums are displayed only not in Roon! It is therefore clearly a roon problem. Mitlerweile I use for Tidal Audirvana Plus so that it works without a problem!

@CoolmannS @Achim @Rudolf_Kopmann

We want to help, but we can’t do anything with the level of information that you have provided. Please would each of you open a new topic in the #support forum? Provide details and screenshots if you can.


These tracks are now unavailable in Roon I don’t know about Tidal yet but it’s a shame. Defeats the object of a Delux Edition.

Hi Joel,

sorry to give this answer - but as I already filled in the laborious google questionaire you posted when the issue first became rampant, I am in no mood to invest more work.

Also, several tries by disconnecting and reconnecting to my Tidal account upset my database of play counts and playlists, I am tired of this.

Many greetings,


I can add positive news, that tracks have come back as available, whatever caused this.


@Chrislayeruk Would be really interesting to know if you can stream these tracks from TIDAL’s app(s).

Duncan and Wristband as highlighted, play via Tidal on my iPad.

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