Tracks skipping 1.7 rebuild

Hi People- hope you can help?
**Mac OS 10.10.5
Core Mac mini 2010/ Cyrus 8xp Qx has built in Burr Brown Dac. Ethernet.
Everything working fine until recent updates.
Tracks often skip part way through onto next one when playing back/streaming from Qobuz library or using radio feature. No DSP and whether using Mac built in USB output or Cyrus.

Hi @Michael_gerrard,

Have you tried this with the latest update, 1.7 Build 505 which we just released last night?

Just saying that macmini is about 4 years older than min recommended spec…even if it has an ssd in it

1.7 505 build appears to have solved my tracks skipping issue with Qobuz and Tidal. Playback has been flawless all morning. The tech details…

My Mac is connected through a hardwired LAN (Cat 6)

The modem is a Netgear LTE Modem LB1120

The modem is hardwired into a Netgear OrbiRBR50

The Orbi is hardwired into a TP-Link TL-SG1016 (16 port Gigabit switch)

The Mac is directly connected to the TP Link.


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Everything works fine with the older 1.6 build. Problems started with the recent 1.6 update from a couple of weeks back-wouldn’t load at all. The 1.7 build loads and works well apart from the more frequent skipping. I’m back using 1.6- worked all day no skips.
Thanks for the replies and the hard work.

Excellent. Seems to be working fine with 1.7 (505) now.

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