Transparent mouse pointer help

Just wondering if there was a way to stop my mouse curser turning transparent when hovering over assets while controlling my music through Roon on PC.

I am running Windows 10. I’ve been through all the mouse and pointer settings and can’t find anything…think I may have missed something. Any help would be much appreciated.


A screenshot would help I think.

Just tried to take a screenshot but I cannot capture the mouse pointer in the shot (when the screenshot is taken, it takes out the mouse pointer).

Normally my mouse pointer is solid white with a black outline, however when I hover over something like album artwork within the Roon software the mouse pointer keeps the solid black outline but goes transparent in its body; making it hard to see. Hope that description is better than before.

When over art it should change to a pointing hand I think

Correct, it does turn into hand when hovering over cover art but again instead of solid white, it turns transparent making it difficult to see.

Have you tried the accessibility settings?

Yes, just been over all the Windows settings again for mouse and pointer options…can’t find anything that works.

Thanks for taking the time.

If you go to Mouse Properties you can customise the scheme and explicitly choose a filled pointer of some sort - as in the screen clip below.

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Hello @Atom, ged has some good suggestions here to take a look at. Another idea to investigate would be your GPU. What graphics card are you using? Are your drivers updated?

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Hi @ged_hickman1 & @nuwriy ; thanks for the suggestions and help…tried all with no success. I have ended up refreshing my PC controlling Roon (a pain as now I have to install all my programs again but it was long overdue a clean-up)…luckily it worked…the mouse pointer is now not going transparent…I think maybe a piece of PC software I was running or maybe a past Microsoft update got in the way.

Anyway, all sorted now. Thanks again for taking the time and trying to help.


Sometimes scorched earth is the only way.

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I had a problem yesterday which led me refresh my laptop running Roon (as a controller), please see link to previous post.

I have found out where the issue occurs. I use an HDR monitor linked to a Surface Book 2 running Windows 10. After I refreshed my laptop yesterday I found my issue resolved (the mouse pointer was no longer turning transparent). However today I turned on HDR in the Windows 10 display settings and the problem came back. I turned off HDR and the mouse pointer returned to normal again.

TLDR: When HDR is enabled in Windows 10 display settings it makes the mouse pointer turn transparent within Roon making it hard to see.

Not sure if this is a Windows 10 issue or if it can be fixed on the Roon end. Just thought I point it out, just in case it can be fixed (because I much prefer running with HDR enabled) or if it just helps someone else out having the same issue.


Hey @Atom,

I moved your post over to the original Topic so the history is all in one place. We’ll pass this along to our QA team for investigation. Thanks for the report!

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I have the same problem with my mouse curor on Room.
And indeed the HDR is on in my Windows 10.
Thanks for the issue.

Wait for a Roon update to solve the problem…

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HDR does not necessarily work well with non-HDR software. The “invisible” cursor is not just a Roon issue. Seems to be with NVIDIA drivers and some people have gotten it fixed by enabling mouse shadows or pointer trails in the legacy Control Panel Mouse section. Those fixes did not work for me.

But, that is fine for me because I only turn on HDR when I am going to be running HDR games or video content. Otherwise, I keep it off.

Installed Roon today and this transparent mouse pointer is the only thing preventing me paying past the 14 day trial as I am partialy sighted and this makes basic use near impossible for me without having my nose to the screen.

This issue is not acceptable and needs to be fixed

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