Transport lost connection to audio device SONOS

When playing from Tidal (HIFI subscription) to my SONOS connect i get Transport lost… after aproxx 20-30 sec play. happens all the time. Playing the same tune from SONOS works ok.
WIFI, Ethernet, move of BOOST away from AP etc tried with no succes

Just tested same thing happens when playing audio files mp3 from my windows nas.
Running latest Roon version og ROON server on Windows 2012r2 server.


Flagged for support

Hi @henrik_klinkvort,

I had similar symptoms, what seems to make it better is: I installed the Sonos Controller Windows app on the Windows based Roon Server. This apparently opens up some ports through Defender that were previously not open (TCP protocol 6; UDP protocol 17, all ports)…not sure why these need to be opened for Roon, hopefully support can narrow down which port(s) really need opening.

Assuming you already have a stable system running with the Sonos Controllers, I’m not sure if that helps your situation but this made my system a bit more stable with Sonos. Your mileage may vary, good luck.

Hi Thanks for the response I did also test the FW setting and found that excluding the ROON applied services from defender and allowing all traffic from them in the firewall helped out.
But i would prefer if Roon could provide the needed port openings.
havent heard anything from support so i guess thats not going to happend

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