Transport unable to connect to HQ player

Hi Guys ,I am not much of a tech head but since the new update i have not been able to play any sound through roon . I keep getting this message above in new topic . I have a mac osSierra and i play through my computer to a hugo TT dad and a pair of wireless Keff bookshelf speakers . I would really appreciate some @support ,have had a technician 3TIMES at my own expense , but each time he leaves it fails …could it be this new update ?thanks Zenga

Hi Zenga,

Do you use HQ Player at all ? If not, then you might be trying to connect to a non-existent Zone. You will know if you are using it because you will have paid a separate licence fee and downloaded it. You don’t need HQ Player to use Roon.

Can you post a screenshot of Settings/Audio ? That will show what Zones you have available. My guess is that you will want either a direct Zone to your Hugo or a network Zone to the Kefs, rather than an HQ Player network zone.

You can read a bit more about Zones here.

Native support for the KEF wireless speakers as a network zone was added with Roon 1.3 Build 269. You will need to have KEF firmware 1.1.4 installed, then connect the speakers by Ethernet to your router and set the speakers to Wireless. A network zone should appear for them in Roon Settings/Audio automatically. There is no need to do anything with the “+ Add Network Device” button.

When you are using the KEFs as a network Zone the signal will bypass your Hugo and use the built in DACs in the KEFs.

If you prefer to use the Hugo as your DAC with the KEFs then you should connect it to the RCA analog inputs on the speakers, set the speakers to the analog input with the KEF control and select the Zone for your Hugo in Roon.