Trouble connecting to NAS

(David Frantz) #1

I’m new to Roon, but have had it working nearly perfectly for the past few days. I think the Core had just about finished analyzing my library. Now the only tracks that show up in my library are from Tidal. I have about 23K tracks.

I’ve got the Core (1.3) running on a sonicTransport i5, connected to a microRendu feeding a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. The library is on a Synology NAS. All are connected via ethernet, no wifi.

I can browse the library from my MacBook Air with no trouble. I restarted Roon, resarted the sonicTransporter, and restarted the NAS, all to no avail. When I go to settings>storage it says directory not ready.

I’ve been searching the support forum, but nothing I’ve tried
has worked.

Thanks for your help!



(Kevin) #2

Might this apply?

(David Frantz) #3

Yes and no. That says it only applies if you have some internal storage, which I do not. However, after reading that post about 10 times, I decided to give it a shot and tried to edit the storage location. Re-selected the folder where my music is stored on the NAS, and it looks like I’m reconnected. Seems like it’s reimporting my library from scratch. Works for me, I guess.

(David Frantz) #4

@kneville - Thanks for taking the time to point that out!

(David Frantz) #5

It’s rescanning my main music folder, but I still can’t seem to force it to connect to the another folder on the same NAS. Frustrating.

(David Frantz) #6

@agillis - any thoughts?

(Fernando Pereira) #7

Could this be the cause?

(Henry) #8

With luck, although it is rescanning everything it should only have to completely analyse what was missed the first time so this should be a much faster process. Fingers crossed!

(David Frantz) #9

Yup. Did not need to reanalyze.