Trouble to logging into my account

I also have trouble to logging to my account. It is the second time this problem occurs. Both times I switched the wired connection on my switch from my NAS on which Roon is running. What can be the problem?

Michael, I spent hours trying to solve this problem. But the answer is likely simple. The processor and/or memory of your NAS may be inadequate for the 2.0 update. See the article below.

If your machine updated to Roon 2.0, remove it and download the older Roon 1.8 legacy software as described in the article below. You may have to temporarily relocate any Roon folders on your NAS to a thumb drive or other external drive until after you install Roon 1.8. You can supposedly either restore a backup of the Roon database from your old Roon folder or let your NAS set up the Roon database from scratch. I couldn’t find a simple way to restore the old data once I did a clean install of 1.8, but I’m up and running.

You’ll also have to use the older Roon 1.8 app for your tablet or cell phone, which I found on the Apple App Store. Good luck!

Hi @Michael_Kuylaars,

Are you able to describe the problem in more detail? Are your credentials being denied by the SSO portal, or are you logging in but then unable to use Roon?

Are there any error messages displayed?

Changing the physical ethernet port will reset the network connection and possibly apply different network management features in the new port range, depending on your switch and router. If this is a smart switch, try testing without it and hardwiring to the upstream router directly.

Problem solved. I made my my modem, router , accespoints and my switch powerless. Started them in the order first modem than router than accespoints and than my switch. I flushed my cash from my Chrome session and restarted Roon on my QNAP nas. And it worked. But if you ask me what was the problem I dont know
Regards Michael

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