Trouble with search after internet outage

I’m with the offline team, life is unexpected and your music is your music, shouldn’t be held hostage for my reason.
Currently experiencing an internet outage for the first time and became so frustrated because I couldn’t believe this is how the software is meant to behave. Please try to improve this Roon team, creating a hotspot with your cellphone is not an acceptable solution IMO…

Thanks for all the other great aspects of the platform you’ve made available,


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As Dylan says above, providing you’re logged in to Roon, you should be able to use it for weeks at a time without an internet connection:

I played music about an hour earlier, then the internet cut off, I tried to use it shortly after that and none of the searches would be successful. Rendering the software useless until I got my phone as a hotspot. I’m using a headless Mac mini that doesn’t go to sleep, so there shouldn’t be any logging out going on.

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Searches use cloud services to search through your subscribed streaming services. Clearly, if there’s no internet, cloud services are not accessible. However, Roon should fall back to searching through its local database for your local content if the cloud services are not accessible. Was this not happening?

Correct, both searching and selecting anything in the “library” section would just result in the loading icon indefinitely.

Then I would suggest you raise a support request in the Support category of the forum - AFAIK, this is not expected behaviour.

Hello @Mat_Vas, could you please reboot your core and see if the issue still occurs? If it does, could you please reply here with a timestamp (in your local time) and a brief description of the steps you took before the issue occurred? I’d like to enable diagnostics for your account and take a look. Thanks!

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