Tutorial: Get your exported Roon playlists into Tidal

Here’s how I get my exported Roon playlists into Tidal.

Disclaimer: it might require a paid Spotify subscription (which is not a problem for me since I have 4 kids that use Spotify under the family plan anyway). Obviously I can’t check if a free subscription will work since I’m a Premium member.

  • Export the Roon playlist as an Excel spreadsheet.

  • In Excel, or OpenOffice, or LibreOffice or whatever, edit the spreadsheet to only have 4 columns, in this order: External ID, Track Name, Artist, Album.
  • Save as a comma delimited .csv file.

  • Open the .csv file in STAMP (freeyourmusic.com) as the source “service” and then send it to Spotify (NB: the Spotify desktop app has to be open when you do this. It’s possible that having the web view open in your browser will work as well, but I haven’t tested that). Hopefully all or almost all of your tracks will translate correctly.

  • You can export the failed tracks into a new spreadsheet to assist with corrections later on.

  • Go into Spotify and add/correct any tracks in the new playlist that aren’t there or properly identified.

  • Open your browser and go to soundiiz.com. Register. It’s free.

  • Connect to Spotify in soundiiz. Connect to Tidal in soundiiz.

  • Drag the Spotify playlist into the Tidal tile.

  • Correct any errors from the conversion.

  • Done.

Hope you find this tutorial useful, and happy exporting!



Came across this tutorial today, I think it will be useful for me, thanks! I downloaded STAMP and see that Tidal is now included, so no need for a Spotify account or the use of Soundiiz as a middle man. The free version of STAMP only allows 10 tracks to be imported from one service or a CSV file into another service, so the paid version (US$15) is probably necessary for anyone who wants to use this. One question - I exported a playlist made in Roon, but only of Tidal tracks, and none of the tracks have an external ID in the CSV file. Anyone know why that’s missing? My guess is it’s pretty integral to track identification on import to another service! Thanks!

It seems like the export to Excel doesn’t include the external ID or maintain the playlist order anymore – rows seem to be ordered by artist name. That’s disappointing.

Is playlist information available via the API? There’s some nodejs library but it’s not very well documented…

Does anyone know how to get the exported list in the correct order? It is great we can export the list of songs, but the order is important, sets overall mood.

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@Benjamin_Rios I questioned it here and got a response from Roon that it was not currently possible but to open a feature request / add my vote to an existing request.

Which I did here…

Totally agree with you though, if the export doesn’t keep the playlist order then it’s effectively useless — unless you just want a random list of tracks — as the manual ordering of a playlist is a key component of how I (and I expect many others) use them.