UI Bug - Grouped Zones Sync Delay limited to 1000ms

I have, perhaps, an uncommon problem, but should be easy to fix.

My primary speakers are all Sonos but I also have a Bose home theater. I often group the Sonos and Bose together as a single zone, but due to the massive delay the Sonos introduce to the stream, there is a roughly 3 second delay between them.

Thankfully, Roon allows us to mitigate this via software within the grouped zone settings. However, the UI is apparently limited to displaying values only up to +/-1000ms, even though the software actually accepts much larger values.

The problem is when returning to this settings modal in the future, you have no idea what the values are if you happen to have exceeded that 1000ms cap. I know I have my Bose set to ~2500ms, and my Sonos I can see are set to -785ms which produce a perfectly sync’d sound. But it would be nice to actually see the true delay of the Bose.

Like I said, it’s a small bug, and not a deal breaker, but just something that should be an easy fix to include in the next patch.

@Ivan can you try to reproduce this issue and open a ticket if you’re seeing the same behavior?

This happens when you open the Settings dialog right? As opposed to when you click into the input box to start typing?

  1. Group a zone
  2. Open the Zone settings for one of the grouped zones, and go to “Device Setup”
  3. The third tab of the zone settings modal has the Sync Delay input.

Here you can enter pretty much any value you want in ms. But the input must have display bounds of -1000 to 1000ms because any number within that range is saved and displayed correctly.
Any numbers outside that range appear to save properly, but the UI will just say 1000ms even though you just entered 2750ms.

That means immediately on the Blur event for the input.
Eg. I type “2500” into the input, it will immediately show 1000ms. If I close and reopen the modal, the input still says 1000ms.

The Bose, pictured below, is not currently grouped, but it shows exactly what I’m describing. The sync delay shows 1000ms, but the actual value is ~2500ms.

Now, I don’t know if its on your list, but in addition to showing the proper value here, but it would be great if Roon could maintain separate sync values for the various Group configurations a speaker may be in. (i.e. I only need the Bose to have a sync delay when it is grouped. If I play to this zone as a standalone output device, obviously there’s no need to delay the clock).

Here is the zone wired to the Sonos. As you can see the value is within the +/-1000ms range, so the value is displayed correctly.
Same deal here though. There’s no need to maintain the sync delay if I’m playing to this device un-grouped.