Unable to access iTunes Media folder through SMB [Solved - Corrected Network File Path]

@Support HELP!!

Mac 10.13.6 Running Roon 1.5 build 339
Itunes media files were stored on external HD that failed. I purchased new drive and copied files from my back up HD for a new Network drive.

Installed drive and Intially Roon was able to see my Itunes folder as well as other folders on the network I am pointing to. After a power down and restart today, my itunes folder Network path is gone.

Attempted to add the smb address to the software with copy & paste pointing to the new external drive and I am getting the following error. (DO I need more info than smb?) Check FAQ and there really isn’t any info I could find specifically for Itunes folder.

I dropped a screen shot of the error below.

Please advise. Thanks.


The path looks incomplete … it should be similar to smb:// The share name is case sensitive.

Also, try from your Mac, Go > Connect to Server:


Roon crashed whwn I was entering info and when I rebooted, my Itunes folder is gone!! Not sure wat is up!

Can you see the files using Finder? If so, can you provide details of the path and whether this is on the same device as Roon core or a remote computer. Screenshots will help.

Here is the Path of the Itunes folder on the exteral drivew. OWC HD! I’m totally stumped!

The name of your external hard drive is OWC HD and this doesn’t seem to be mounted as a file share. Can you confirm that this screenshot was taken from the same Mac that Roon core resides on?

If this is the case, it is likely that the folder is mounted at /Volumes/OWC HD/itunes Media. You can add this to Roon from Settings and browsing from the root (/) folder:

It’s been 3 years since I have set up Roon and the interface has changed a bit in storage settings. Screen shots to follow with pics of my hair I’m pulling out!

File sharing is on. Add + and brings up the OWC drive, click on Itunes folder. the smb:// path is listed in file sharing On

Storage settings in Roon. Directory is empty
Click edit:

click Browse

When I add the file sharimg path, this is the error I receive.

Hello James,

You’re neither following my instruction nor answering my questions. Roon is telling you very clearly that the folder has moved and I’ve told you how to add this back. Please try this and report back. Thanks.

If the external drive is attached to the same machine as Roon core you do need to enable file sharing. Simply point Roon to the correct folder on your external drive. Let’s see if that resolves things.

Hi Martin,

Soory if I was confused!

The Roon core sits on the Antipdes server. The server holds on its internal SSD all of the high rez & Flac files. The OWC HD is attached externally to the Mac on the network that is all connectd via ethernet.

Here is the screen shots of attempting to connect the OWC to the network. So I realize that Roon cannot see the OWC drive.


Hello @James_O_Neill,

You would need to include the share location as well when pointing Roon to the drive, please try and use

smb:// Media

As the network share location. Additionally, you would also need to use the login for that specific computer, I notice that you have been inputting “Jim O’Neill” as the username when the computer’s username is just “Jim” in the folder sharing settings.

Please let me know if that works and we can continue from there.


Hi Noris,

Here is the result of your request.

I am using the admin password that gives me acess/permission to the root directory when changes are made.

I also ad a thoought this morning that I am going to reboot the Core and player that sit on the Antipodes server to see if this will help.

What should I try next?

Hello @James_O_Neill,

The new error message seems to indicate the you have the correct directory but the user credentials you have put in are invalid, can you please double check that you have inputted your password correctly? If you do not use a password to log into your Mac Mini on startup you can leave the password field blank.


Hi Norris,

I rebboted the Roon Core/Roon player/Antipodes server.

I am indeed using the same password as my log in when the computer boots up. Should I try to change the admin password in users/groups with a new password and try to point to the drive to see if that will help?

Hello @James_O_Neill,

I wouldn’t try changing the admin password just yet. Can you please take a look at the sharing settings in the screenshot that you have previously posted? (copied below)

If you click “Options” on that page, can you please verify that there is a checkbox for the setting turned on for your account for “Windows File Sharing”? It should look something like this:


After enabling that setting please try adding the share again.


Hi Norris,

Please see attached screen shots.