Unable to add artwork (OSX client)

Core Machine (linux 5.3.0-40 generic /1.7 (build 528) stable)

Network Details (Client connecting via Ubiquity UAP WiFi connected via enterprise grade switch (can’t remember brand right now))

Audio Devices (Raspberry Pi3 running dietpi and feeding a Yulong DA8 DAC via USB)

This issue does not happen the first time I try it. It seems to come up after a few edits or once I attempt to drag in an image I have saved off in OSX’s “Preview” application.

Dragging in album art from a network drive does not apply the art to the album

  1. Open Album Editor in Roon (CMD+I)
  2. Click Edit Album tab
  3. Click “Add Image” button in the Album Artwork section of the edit tab
  4. Locate album art on a connected SAMBA shared drive on OSX 10.13.16 machine
  5. Drag album artwork to the “Add an image” popup
  6. Popup will go away but no album art will be saved into the album entry

Dragging in album art from a local drive does not apply the art to the album
0) Same steps as above but with art located on a local drive

In any of the above cases, I can still use the “Browse for Image…” button with success

Hi @Scott_Petersen,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the report! I have asked QA to see if they can reproduce this behavior on their end, once I hear back from them if they are able to do so or if they have additional questions, I will be sure to let you know. Thanks!

Hi @Scott_Petersen,

I recently spoke to QA regarding your case and they haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on their end using your steps. Can I please ask that you record a video or a .GIF of this behavior and post it here?

Please also note the exact local time + date you record the video/.GIF as we would also like to enable diagnostics on your Core and take a look for further clues in that regard.


Thanks Noris,

I have tried a couple of times to repro the bug, but of course things are working fine. Sigh. Will keep at it and get ya’ll a video of it happening along w/ some timestamps.

Appreciate the help!

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