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I would like but am unable to delete several old playlists. They are dupes or empty and seem to have been created before I setup profiles OR came over from iTunes (?).

Under my profile, the option to delete isn’t an option in the 3-dot menu right-side.

Is there a process/proc to access delete for these playlists and clean up the mess?

Thank you in advance -

If they are from iTunes this may help.


I recognize there has been an extreme delay in responding to your original issue, so please accept my apologies. I appreciate your patience.

Were you able to delete the playlists successfully via the .XML file method linked in the above post? We’re standing by to assist if not and I’ll be watching for your response.

The playlists are still there. I’m assuming they were created before my profile was as it seems a matter of privileges that I can’t delete them. Guesswork.

The iTunes strategy offered didn’t have any impact but thanks.

What can I provide by way of assistance?

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