Unable to hook up sotm sms 200 to tmobile home internet

Not sure if this is a support question but i am trying out t mobile home internet. the speed is comparable to what had from spectrum for less money. Roon works on my computer and via usb but i can’t get the t-mobile gateway to see the sotm sms 200. I have tried everything including calling tech support and it’s just not happening. a friend thinks i got a bad gateway from t mobile but open to any ideas or suggestions. thanks!

I don’t have an SoTM SMS-200 but a quick search of the forum indicated that the following might be the issue, i.e. your previous network config may be preventing it from connecting to your new network.

i pressed the reset button but didn’t work. will try again today. there is a url to see if it’s on your network
that won’t load but will load on the old network.

Try the steps mentioned in the third post of that thread. They won’t help if the SoTM is already set to DHCP, but if it was set with a fixed IP address it might help.

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i think the only solution is to get a router which i am not super interested in at the moment as i am trying to save money. the t mobile gateway blocks bridge support by default with no way to turn
it off. if i get a router it’s a lot of steps. if i decide to keep this system i will sell the sotm sms 200.

I’m not sure you need a router. You may just need a switch and an unmanaged Netgear gigabit switch is cheap. Plug the Home Internet box into the switch and plug your core and SoTM into the switch. Let the Home Internet box continue to act as router.

But, before you do that, it’s unclear if the SoTM is even getting an IP address. Basic network troubleshooting… The T-Mobile app will tell you which devices are connected and their IP. You should be able to identify the SoTM device if it at least gets an IP from the Home Internet router. Then you can try connecting (or ping’ing) it directly. Once you verify connectivity then you can determine if it’s just Core that isn’t playing nice with reaching the SoTM and a switch may solve that.