Unable to love multiple tracks in a playlist

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Note that you can only :purple_heart: tracks from albums that are in your library, but playlists can contain tracks that are not in the library. If the multi-selection contains non-library tracks, you can’t heart them.

I just tried it and IF all selected tracks are in the library, I can heart them all at once with a multi-selection

All tracks are in my current library. I cannot heart them all at once. Build 1223, roon 2.0
It is a large library, around 200,000 tracks and the current favorites playlist is 11,000+ tracks. I also cannot heart recently played tracks from this playlist, currently about 400 tracks. This is incredibly frustrating. I find no way to love more than one track at a time.

Some screenshots of where you are and what you are doing would help.

Hm, yeah screenshots of where you are may help. Works for me:

Selecting 3 tracks (1 local, 2 Qobuz) from a local playlist, all in the library, opening the (…) menu at the top, clicking the heart:

All three hearted:

I read that, and looked at those same screenshots from two years ago. They do not help me. Okay, from the top. On the playlist menu, the heart track field does not appear at all:

On the tracks menu, I can focus on tracks played in the last month and the option is there.

Filtering for local media and selecting everything:

Clicking on heart:

![Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 1.23.56 PM|690x443]

Results in one loved track.

Like I said, the previous answer does not work for me.

somehow the last screenshot didn’t upload. Here tis’

Okay, I found the difficulty. Clicking on the heart next to filter does indeed work. But this really doesn’t fix the main problem-- I cannot love tracks on a playlist, simply because the heart option isn’t there. I checked the available fields and it doesn’t seem to be there anywhere. It’s frustrating. I hate to have to play all of them to favorite them.

I have scratched my head trying to find a workaround. I tagged the playlist tracks, but I cannot filter by tag on the tracks screen. I cannot filter for tracks in the playlist in any way I can figure out to have access to the option of hearting them. None of my play data or love statuses imported from apple music, so no help from built in fields. The flexibility of this software is severely lacking.

Yes, the individual tracks in the playlist view only show filled out hearts for favorited tracks. If a track is not favorited, it does not show an empty heart but none at all. Compare my screenshot as well, same there. It’s simply not the same as in the My Tracks view.

So to favorite the tracks in a playlist, you select one track or multiselect several tracks, open the (…) Edit menu at the top, where the heart appears in the top right corner. Just like in the screenshots I posted.

Posting screenshots again, now with an additional arrow for opening the (…) menu. This works for a single selected track or a multiselection of tracks:

If you only want to heart a single track, you can alternatively do it here as well:

Okay, I did get that to work. This is quite a counterintuive interface. That option doesn’t even appear unless tracks are highlighted. Without a secret decoder ring (thanks) I never would have figured it out. I really, really, miss smart playlists and sortable fields. Focus really sucks, as far as I’m concerned.

Glad it works. Sometimes it’s a bit idiosyncratic and you have to explore how it works. Maybe the same with Focus for you? I totally like Focus and no other music app I know has anything even slightly comparable. (Though it could be better, I would love fully boolean logic).

What problems do you have with Focus?

Maybe this helps?

What is that? I have a feeling that it exists

How about being to focus on unplayed tracks, for one example. Still trying to figure that out. I can focus on a limited number of ranges built in, but it’s not granular and there aren’t options I can see to focus on a null field (unplayed).

How about being able to sort by last played date? That way you can focus on what hasn’t been played in a long time. I have used that for years, and now I can’t figure out a way to “focus” on that. I don’t want the AI to suggest things to focus on, I want a list on what hasn’t been played in the longest time (within a playlist, not in my 200,000 tracks currently showing unplayed). That’s the way I’ve always worked with iTunes/Apple Music. Also, while I can highlight all, I can’t figure out how to highlight groups of tracks-- control or shift clicking in this interface doesn’t work like it does in every other app since always.

Go to My Tracks and open Focus. Click “Played in the last …” > “All Time”

This shows any tracks that were ever played:

Then click the Played button to invert it, meaning tracks that were NOT played:

Alternatively, edit the columns by clicking the Gearwheel:

Enable the Plays column:

Note: if there are more columns than fit the screen, scroll left/right.

Click the heading for sorting by play count maybe twice to make the zero plays appear at the top:

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Thanks-- I never, ever would have figured that out. But, underlying all this-- I need to be able to do this in a playlist, not just in the tracks display. My library is too huge to sift through all of the tracks in there every time I want to find something overlooked. Why don’t playlists have “focus?”

Same as above but enable the Last Played column and sort by it

Again, this works in tracks not playlists. The playlist feature is severely anemic.