Unable to play 192 24 files[Solved]

Since the last update I have not been able to play 192 24 flac files. Every other file type plays fine without issue. These files were working in earlier updates. Any ideas?

I am running Roon with a Sonic Orbiter which has run flawlessly. Yes, I have reset everything numerous times and in different orders.

I can reproduce for 192 and 96 kHz 24 bit FLACS and have lodged a bug ticket (#14457).
176.4 24 bit FLAC still playing.

Thanks for picking it up Fritz, this should get fixed pretty quickly.

Can you guys tell me a little bit more about how things are set up?

Build 128 is playing 96k + 192k just OK for me through the SonicOrbiter (tried S/PDIF and USB), other RoonReady devices, Mac + Windows local outputs, …everything I’ve tried so far.

SonicOrbiter to devialet dialog. I swapped out orbiter and used raspberry pi and all file formats played Also with the orbiter, optical only plays at 44k… USB plays dsd all the way down to 44 but won’t play 192. I am on roon orbiter version 18

Build 129
RoonServer 64 bit for Windows (Server 2012R2 minimal server, AO)
HQPlayer 3.13.3
NAA 3.2.1 (CuBox-i)

In my case appears to be HQP related. Playback fine through Aries RAAT.

Edit: CuBox seems to be a common factor for Fritz and I.

I also uninstalled roon software and reinstalled roon only on orbiter. Same result

@Fritz_Curtis, when this is happening, what is the symptom? Is the time ticking in Roon, are you getting an error message?

Files play fine on raspberry pi through optical

Some files totally silent. Others scratchy static for 2 or 3 seconds then silence.

For me, play showing normally in Roon, no error message. 96 kHz have sound for a fraction of a second then silence.

Have to depart for overnight trip. Thanks Brian.

Audio analyzer at bottom of screen looks to be fine

Looks fine on bottom of screen as if it should be playing

No error messages

Ok, so that confirms that the audio is making it to the SOSE.

I have heard that the optical port on that device has characteristics that sometimes lead to compatibility issues with other devices, but I don’t know the specifics. This explanation is consistent with your symptoms.

This might be something for @Jesus_Rodriguez to comment about.

My McIntosh D150 DAC plays everything fine on 128. I notified Andrew that I think it is something in the Orbiter latest software update. Two versions ago it was playing fine.

I am using USB but Optical only plays to 44k. It used to play all formats fine.

I’m testing here via SPDIF on a unit that is running the current updates. It is connected via optical cable to a SOtM Headphone Amp/DAC. I’m able to play FLAC at all sample rates without issue.

I using the sotm as well

Again not using optical. Using usb to sotm. This has worked since February when I bought from you and Andrew. No incompatibility

You had not mentioned that you were using an SOtM converter until now. Knowing this I’m fairly certain that the issue is not with Roon or the Sonicorbiter SE. In fact, you should be seeing the SOtM converter change sample rates at its front panel LEDs indicating that it is receiving audio signals. The issue really seems to be related to compatibility between the SOtM optical output and your DAC.