Update kills Rock 1.0.221 [resolved]

Roon Rock

Description Of Issue

I got an upgrade message today. Told the software to upgrade all devices. My Roon Rock now won’t connect. Cannot see it using the web interface or the app. Cannot see a device called Rock on the network. Do I have to reinstall?!?

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Same issue here

Sorry to hear but at least the issue is not isolated. A fast response from support would be appreciated as to whether we need to reinstall. Not having tunes is not good while working from home.

For the record my update went through without issue.

I have the same issue

My update went smoothly for my ROCK running on a NUC7i7BNH, not that it helps those having problems.

Hi @Jorge_Espinosa, @Robert_Brown1, and @thijazi — Sorry for the trouble here! Can you please answer the following:

  • What is the model NUC you are using?
  • Can you connect the NUC to a TV or monitor via HDMI and send us a picture of the output?


Hi, I took the following screenshot after connecting the NUC to an HDMI monitor… (the NUC is a NUC8i7BEH model, I followed the specs recommended on the ROCK website)

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I tried to perform a “recovery” using the original ROCK media I had when I first created the ROCK installation… It reported successful recover and upon reboot I could access the Web UI briefly, only to find that the update killed it again… not sure how many times I can run the recovery without destroying my previous setup.

Hi @thijazi,

Can you try downloading the latest build of ROCK from our website and run the recovery procedure from that version? After doing so are you able to successfully run ROCK on the new version?


Hi Dylan,

I have an 8I7BEH running in an Akasa Turing fanless case.

I get “no signal” detected on my TV. I had to turn off the NUC and turn it on again to get the attached message.

Hi @Jorge_Espinosa,

Can you try downloading the latest build of ROCK from our website and run the recovery procedure from that version? After doing so are you able to successfully run ROCK on the new version?


I’ll do that in the next hour. After doing this, if the system comes up, do I reject any updates?

if you reboot and come up successfully, let us know. taking the update is a good idea, and if you are put back in the same situation, let us know.

photos of the hdmi output post-update if it fails would be useful.

I am attempting this right now, will report back shortly.

Well, just flashed the original ROCK image with the new one, rebooted the NUC and this is the error message I am getting now!..

Unfortunately I used the older flash drive which contained the original image that I used when I built my ROCK device… That older image at least gave me options to reinstall Roon OS or recover an existing installation, the new build here does not give me that option, hope I did not put myself in a more difficult situation now… I really don’t want to have to reinstall from scratch.

That’s not good.

We’ve had thousands of units update properly so far, coming back up to report their newly updated status, so this problem is not widespread. However, we have about 20 installs out of many thousands that are having this issue.

We are getting our hands on one of these units, so we can test a theory, but in the meanwhile:

I fear the SSDs that are dying. Every day, SSDs die. We see this happen with Nucleus and we see this happen with ROCK.

Because Roon OS runs in RAM, failures of the SSD that occur in the “start of the SSD” only are shown upon reboot. Because Roon OS devices rarely reboot, it can be months before the error is noticed. Because updates force a reboot, it’ll trigger a bunch of these failures to happen at once, thus we see clumps of SSD failures all around updates. If a large % of installs were getting errors, then we’d know it was a problem of the software itself, but ~20 out of many thousands points to hardware.

Your screenshot now shows that the installer can’t even find the SSD. Can you go into the BIOS and see if the BIOS can see the drive attached? If not, this is a hardware problem for sure (for your case at least).

Hi Danny, that’s very sound logic. However, my Nucleus Rev. B went out with the update yesterday at the same time as these other cases (I’m assuming), but I had already been rebooting the Nucleus several times over the past few weeks to diagnose other issues…none of those reboots resulted in complete failure to startup the way that this update did. So hopefully that information will help your team with the diagnosis.

I am not sure I understand… I rebooted the NUC a few times this week alone…Here is the screenshot from the BIOS settings screen, the SSD is showing there…

Funny thing is that when I reboot the NUC, I can see “Found Roon OS install #1” and “Found Roon OS Install #2” in the boot sequence… so Roon OS is there…