Updating the software on starting up a new Nucleus +

I have just bought a new Nucleus + and have followed the instructions in the Roon system to connect to it. I get a message “there was an error checking for an update” . No matter how many times I click teh retry button, the circle of dearth rotates for a few seconds then stops. I have checked the power and the network connection, all appear to be in order. I have attempted to use the configure OS and used the ‘reinstall’ buttton. What else can I do?

Hello Duncan, welcome to the community, and sorry that you’re having trouble with your Nucleus.

I’ve moved your post across to the Nucleus Support category of the forum where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

Thank you Geoff. It is frustrating!

While we’re waiting for Support to show up, it would be helpful in their diagnosis to give some more details of your setup, including your network hardware and configuration. See this post for details on what is helpful for Support: