Upgrade process from Core 1.8 Legacy to 2.0?

Followed a similar path to many, which is I wanted to upgrade to 2.0 but was using an old Mac Mini that couldn’t progress past Sierra. However, I was already contemplating replacing the Mini since I had a newer model lying around doing nothing (no, really!). So clearly now is the time. But the migration path is not apparent - Here’s how I started:

  1. To migrate the db the Roon versions need to be the same. So I installed Legacy on Mini B.
  2. Then I restored the backup from Mini A. Fingers crossed, since the build numbers are different… So far so good.
  3. Pulled the plug on Mini A and plugged B into my stereo. Installed the legacy client on an iPad so I could verify it works (because oddly the regular 1.8 client won’t connect to the Legacy 1.8 Core). Again, all good.

So now I’m ready to update Mini B. Erm, now what? The Legacy Core build does not offer to update itself because the main use case for installing it is that you want to stay behind. If I just run the 2.0 installer will that evolve the db and all that?

try this part of the helpdesk post on migration:

Yes, turns out I didn’t quite read down to the end of the migration FAQ. The answer is “yes, just install 2.0 on top of Legacy and fire it up.” I have done that successfully, on to the new world!

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