Uptone EtherREGEN

Amazing! Sights unseen (or unheard :wink:), the first run of 155 units sold within 3 (three) minutes from launch. Second product run of 250 units with projected ship date of December, sold within one hour.

before this Ethernet was just a promise.

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You are saying those 405 people who scooped them up in one hour have gone all insane? Suckers?

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Better buy is the the Silent Angel Bonn N8

Queue many quotes of inky blackness,viels removed night and day changes, better than any black box upgrade yada yada yada. Audiophile style will go into meltdown and us normal folks will all go wtf.

I think Terry Hall sums it up perfectly in the chorus of Pearls Cafe from More Specials.


One born every minute.

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Oh my my… humanity

Funny how most of the negative comments come from those who’d probably never even listen to the EtherREGEN…


And funnier is that nobody has listened to EtherREGEN other than its designers, and a handful of beta testers. Because it’s not out yet. First batch ships in November 15

These are simply know-it-all people that have zero experience. It should not make a difference, zeroes and ones, and therefore it does not

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I don’t know if this will work but I am in line for one next year. I was working and traveling last week, so wasn’t able to be on-line at exactly noon, so I missed out on the November and December batches. I can say definitively that isolation on an Ethernet connection can and does make an audible difference. I have tried Gigafoil and TrippLite fiber optic isolators in various systems in my home and they do make a difference confirmed but others, not just me. In my systems they make more of a difference than any USB cleaner I ever tried.

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I listen to music not a switch. :slight_smile: However I am always open to trying out new things. I’ve found expensive streaming cables make next to no difference in my system so be interesting to see if this does anything compared to a good quality network switch from a reputable networking company I currently use.

I also just dont buy into all the garbage marketing and fancy technological jargon they are using. I know it’s aimed at the enthusiast but they really do overboard with the noise fear in all this audio networking.

What on earth is this nonsense.

The heart of what makes our switch so unusual is the use of ACTIVE, HIGH-SPEED, LOW-JITTER DIFFERENTIAL DIGITAL ISOLATOR chips combined with ULTRA-LOW JITTER DIFFERENTIAL RE-CLOCKING FLIP-FLOPS. No other Ethernet switch on the market attempts this (doing this, and doing it correctly is neither easy nor cheap!). On the circuit board photos you can see the isolators set across the wide “moat.

The fact that YOU don’t understand it what it means does not mean is nonsense.


I do not listen to switches either, just music. What you call nonsense is actually very good information. Maybe the difference is the ability to recognise proper information from marketing speak.




Some example from the chip manufacturers (just an example that these actual parts exist).


How many minutes have passed…

Both Uptone and Sonore are serious guys that have done a lot for our community.

Over the years, I´ve used several devices from them that improved significantly the SQ of my system (e.g. LPS-1, LPS-1.2, microRendu, ultraRendu and opticalModule)

That’s why I jumped into the etherRegen. In any case, they have a 30 days policy return.

Cables do matter, LPS do matter, Filters do matter and Ethernet Switches do matter. If someone says otherwise, they never tried alternative equipment or the equipment they have is somehow limited in musical terms.


What’s the saying “ people and glass houses”… chopping boards/ butchers blocks under the hi-fi components in your profile icon, one board probably cost as much as one Uptone Ether Regen…, but there again I suppose you could also prepare a meal with those butchers blocks??

Here. I fixed it. Now you and me have similar systems :kissing_heart:

The thing about snake oil is that it’s usually something that they can announce and turn it out quickly. The EtherREGEN has been two years in the making. If they were trying to hoodwink anybody, we could have had this thing a year and a half ago.

Remember, these are the people who introduced the audio world to the USB REGEN, the first of its kind, often imitated, byy I think Schitt and iFi, among others.

I mean, I don’t know if this will work or not. I’m intrigued, so I ordered one. If it doesn’t do anything, well, it goes right back. No harm, no foul. But one of the reasons I pulled the trigger is because I know Uptone’s tracks record - one that is based upon audio facts. Hell, they could try and sell little singing bowls with their name on it, or wires with magnets in the them…but they don’t.

Also, a good sign of snake oil is a high price. They’ve kept their shit at a low price since the beginning.

I mean, I’m no fanboy. I’m simply keeping an open mind, as the proof is in the pudding.