USB 3.0 Connection from Nucleus to QNAP TV-671 Does not work

I just migrated my roon server to a nucleus +. I don’t think the USB 3.0 connection from my Nucleus to my QNAP TV-617 (NAS) is working. I am only able to connect to the music library via a network connection using the IP address of the NAS. Also, when I shut the NAS down (leaving the Nucleus on), it shuts down, however, the display on the NAS continues to display “Shutting Down”. Even if I pull the powercord on the NAS the display still says “Shutting Down”. It is only when I disconnect the USB 3.0 connection from the Nucleus to the NAS does the display light on the NAS turn off. This behavior does not happen if I connect to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the NAS.

My assumption is that if the USB connection from the nucleus to the NAS is working then there would be not need for a network connection from the Nucleus to the NAS. I should see shared folders from the NAS on the storage setup pages on the Nucleus.

Help! Buying the Nucleus 2k has only made what was a simple configuration of running the roon server on the NAS more complicated. I am ready to return the device.


Correction, my NAS is a TVS 671

It doesn’t seem your unit can connect anything other than peripherals to the USB. But, double check via the link above. It seems you need a “quick access port”.

Try the following chain

Nucleus> ethernet > switch > ethernet > NAS unit.

And when the Nucleus in the mix, you don’t need Roonserver on the NAS at all.

Thank you for the quick response. I am not sure I follow you. My Nucleus is connected to my wireless as is my NAS

both connected via ethernet

I guess the drag is the music has to be streamed over the wi-fi from the NAS to get to the nucleus. In my configuration, I do have an HDMI connection from the nucleus to my audio reciever. If I had known my TV-671 on accepts peripheral devices I would not have jumped to the nucleus

The NAS and the Nucleus should be wired, not wireless.

My NAS is wired as is my Nucleus. Both are connected to by wifi router. Am I missing something?

Probably need to stop using the term WIFI. If everything is wired by ethernet, WIFI does not pertain except for a possible control device such as iPhone or iPad, etc.

I would remove any USB connection and see how it works using only ethernet.


Can I go ethernet from the nucleus to the NAS and ethernet from the NAS to the router?

You need both devices connected by ethernet to a router or switch with switch connected to router. I know nothing about ethernet pass-through or your NAS device.

I have both the Nucleus and the NAS connected by separate ethernet connections to the router

OK, remove the USB connection and see if you can get it to work.

It works fine w/out the USB connection from the Nucleus to the NAS. The problem is I assume the USB ports available on the nucleus allow you to connect to the NAS and monitor your folders accordingly. W/out the USB to NAS working I can only connect from the Nucleus to the NAS via a network connection. I think the problem I have is that my TV-671 only allows peripheral devices to be connected via USB.

Most NAS do not allow direct connection, hence Network Attached Storage. There are other products like NAS which are meant for direct USB connection only, called DAS, or direct attach d storage

Thank you.

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