USB HID or similar

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Innuos Zenith Mk3 used as a core and player connected to a NAIM Unitiqute 2 & NAP100 via an M2TECH HIFACE2 USB to SPDIF converter. PMC Twenty5.23 speakers.

Description Of Issue

Before using Roon I used the NAIM app and was able to control volume within that app. I’m currently using Roon DSP volume which is not ideal as I have to have the UQ2 volume very high. I understand the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ has USB HID which allows device volume to be used in the Roon app (it’s on page 17 of the Brooklyn’s user manual).
So far no success in finding any other DAC’s that support HID. I originally wanted to upgrade my NAIM kit to either ND5XS2 or NDX2 and I’m trying to find out if these units allow volume to be controlled by Roon using device volume. Could be NAIM’s variable volume setting? I understand new Unitiqute and MUSO support Roon volume but would like to go to ND5XS2 or higher.
Maybe I should just purchase the Brooklyn DAC+ and high quality power amp…

Most responses I’ve had from dealers and manufacturers understandably suggest I should just use the physical remote to control the preamp’s volume and leave Roon volume fixed. This simply does not work for me - I love Roon’s software but if I have use a handheld remote too, then I’ll go back to using the NAIM app.
Thanks for any help.

Yes you can use the main volume control.

Ok great thanks Ged

I had the original nd5 and now have an atom. I have an original qute in my office system.
I would go listen to the new integrated systems,as they really are very good, before deciding on the standalone streamer.

Thanks Ged. The new Uniti and Muso ranges are pretty amazing. They just look so good and of course get rave reviews across the board. Would love to replace my Sonos system with Muso, but there are several rooms where I couldn’t put a QB2, where as Sonos’s different sizes of speaker fit the bill. Oh and the cost too!
I’m afraid whatever I get will end up in the hifi cabinet in my lounge out of sight - that would be terrible for such a cool looking piece of kit, hence why the ND5XS2 appeals as it’s a box with a power button!

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