USB->internal storage transfers on ROCK?

Are there instructions for getting music onto the internal drive in the ROCK documentation? If at this point copying over a network is the only option, I would much appreciate the ability to copy directly from a USB drive.

Also, the ROCK documentation mentions that WiFi is supported, but I have only been able to connect using ethernet. Is there any information on WiFi setup?

Thanks for releasing ROCK, and for the extensive instructions and support!

Hi @danny, did you see my questions above about file transfers and wifi?

  1. Is there or could there be a way to transfer files to internal storage over USB? My network can do 1 mbps at best, so transferring my whole music library would take hundreds of hours.

  2. Are there directions anywhere on connecting ROCK to wifi?

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@Jesse Are you copying data over the network from a device on the same subnet as your Roon core? 1mbs is very poor but usually refers to a slow broadband link, internally you should achieve >50mbs


Thanks! In fact the internal speed is quite a bit better, ~20 mbps. Is there any way to set up the connection between the devices to optimize this speed?

Edit: I was mistaken: the internal transfer speed is just under 3 mbps.

3mbs? Wired or wireless
Do you have a network switch? If so you could connect both devices to that and they should ’ sort themselves out’


One end wired, the other wireless. I’ll try a few more configurations. Thank you!

But can any of the developers comment on the possibility of USB transfer? ROCK can read the data on connected drives, right?

Try both wired temporarily and let us know the result?


Why not just connect the USB drive to ROCK and use that instead of the internal drive?
Or cant you just connect both wired to the switch?

Else you would have to do it on the command line on ROCK. I never bothered to see if you can login from the command line because I just connected my USB drives and pointed to them Job done.

I think I saw somewhere about a transfer procedure from inside Roon. Something like attaching the USB drive to Roon, then doing an Edit operation and defining a new location, on the internal drive, and Roon copies it? Am I right? Can anybody confirm or refute?

the only way to get to that storage is over the network. we can look into USB->internal storage transfer mechanisms, but it’s not on the roadmap at the moment.

Uh, this seems wrong… 16 bits per channel * 2 channels * 44100 samples per second == 1411520 bits per second, which is more than 1mbps. You couldn’t stream a single CD quality PCM stream at 1mbps unless it was compressed.

This is currently disabled – we wanted to release this in v1.1

what is going on? something seems seriously weird over there

of course it is possible, but we’d have to build a ui and think of how that would work for all use cases.

for now, your best bet in your very unusual situation is to pop out the internal drive once its been formatted by ROCK, then plug it into another linux system, do as you want to it, then put it back.

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Thanks for all of this information.

I could be mistaken about the speed. My estimates come from and rough calculations based on transfer status bars. I use Tidal hifi rather than lossless, and the network does often struggle, more in fact through Roon than using the Tidal app or an Oppo.

The network is DSL in a rural area. I’m planning to get a satellite; meanwhile, I’ll find another way to fill the internal drive. I don’t have a linux system to use. Hopefully a wired connection as @ratbert suggested will do the trick.

speedtest is testing your internet connection, not your local network performance…

your wifi is probably at least 10x-50x faster, and a wired connection should be 1000mbps

Your external network (i.e. Internet) speeds have no bearing on your internal network speeds. is an Internet site; it does not reflect your internal network speeds.


Certainly the internal transfer speed is faster than the internet connection, but it’s still awfully slow. I just copied a 10 GB file to test it out, and the transfer took several hours. Edit: 10x-20x faster than the speedtest numbers looks about right.

At any rate, that gives me all the information I need regarding transfer options at this point. Thanks again!

Ethernet seems to be plenty fast. Thanks @Ratbert @WiWavelength and @danny for clarifying a few basic networking points.

ROCK won’t let me transfer my music library (>250 GB), but I understand others have encountered the same problem and a fix is in the works.

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Just released a fix for wifi and smb free space… 1.0.73

Great, thanks. How do I point Roon to internal storage on the NUC? It doesn’t appear when I browse in storage settings, although attached USB drives do.

I’m not in front of Roon or a computer (it’s Memorial Day in The US), but it’s the “music folder” in the storage area of settings… I forget the exact name

It’s “InternalStorage” - aka as “Music Folder” in the Roon Storage settings.