USB output stop after update

I was using ROON USB output with McIntosh D150
until 05/29 software upgrade USB output is stopped
is it possible to go backward until somebody solve the problem

Hello @Jean-Pierre_MEZELLE,

Welcome to the forum.

If you are referring to downgrading version of Roon, then no, this is not supported.

Can you please provide some more information regarding your setup and the symptoms you’re seeing? I can assist in figuring out what’s going wrong on the new build. Please let me know:

  • Core model/manufacturer
  • Network setup info (model/manufacturer)
  • What the exact symptoms you are having - Dropouts? Do you not see the McIntosh at all?

You can also use this thread as a guide so that we can better understand your issue:


The problem is simple it was working 1s before the update it is not working 1s after the update.

I am using the roon usb out plug of the roon cpu to connect via a cable the usb input of the D150 McIntosh.

The coax to coax connection between roon and D150 is still working so we can forget the network or the age of the captain.


Hi @Jean-Pierre_MEZELLE,

Have you tried using a different USB cable yet? I have seen my fair share of USB cables go bad.

What are the exact symptoms you’re seeing? Does te D150 fail to show up at all in Roon Settings -> Audio when connected via USB or does just music playback fail?

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