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Has Roon implemented the ability to display user notes or commentaries about a composition, album, or artist?

Evan, I have read enough of your posts to imagine what you might have said here. :slight_smile:

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I think most of the possible ways to add notes are summed up in this not so old thread:

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Thanks much BJ. I recalled having read this thread but couldn’t access it.

Note: As the COMMENT tag is a file/track tag you have to access it via 3-dots menu of a (the) track (View File Info...).

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One other place not mentioned in that other thread where to place notes would be the lyrics tag. That’s how Hyperion Records does it. Readability is a bit so-so, because there’s no feature to switch from centered to left or right aligned text display.

To give an impression:


Even iif there is no switch to left aligned text, I have no problems in getting a nice readable text:
Here an example of lyrics I added using pm3tag to an Anna Ternheim song


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For real lyrics, it doesn’t matter much, I think – it’s when the lyrics tag was repurposed as a comment field when readability suffers a bit.

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