(User selectable) Alternative Designs for Web-Display

The Option of using the Web-Display for displaying Cover-Art on a larger Screen is great! But the implemented design could by optimized/simplified IMHO … For this reason a few users already startetd to modify the display_ui.html file on their Roon systems (in the tinkering section: thread). Unfortunately this is limited to certain installations (e.g. not possible on Nucleus) and is beeing overwritten with every Roon update.

So here is my feature request:
I would like to have 3-5 differnt design-options for the Web-Display (=display_ui.html _1_to_x). Easily selectable either via dropdown-menue in the web-display settings or accessible via different web-display-links. This should be very easy to implement.

Input from Roon users wanted:
I am encouraging all Roon users to
a) post own design-proposals for the web-display in this thread and
b) to vote/like the best designs in order to get these realized!

Please finde below 2 first very reduced designs, that work quite well with all kinds of album art and with different screen sizes. My focus is mainly on album art, with very small artist/track info and time/progress bar showing.

*Last design taken from @Joe_Gratz from the above mentioned tinkering thread



The display looks AWFUL.

And is such a letdown the first time you use it. Especially now that the website looks like this

The guy responsible for that front page should be hired to redesign Roon’s now playing screen and external display


I think having multiple options would be great. Even if that means they are only custom options that the community needs to create. It’s easy enough to automate the replacement of the stock files when Roon updates as it is, but it would be nice to have a safe place to store custom displays as well.

I think there are some additional things that would be nice to have also, such as more information available to add to these displays for those who want it (file information, audio path information, track credits, playlist/queue progress/next up, tons of opportunity here). Some other ideas that could be nice, the ability to adjust various components of the web display from the UI such as text size, background dimming and blurring, album art size, etc.

Anyway here is mine from the other thread in Tinkering. New screenshots but ultimately the same. I haven’t changed anything since.

I can provide the code to anyone who wants it, just send me a PM. I have an issue where the waveform progress is just slightly behind that I need to fix on this but it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re focusing on it (I think it is a div or container not lined up perfectly but haven’t looked at it in a while). I’d like to add it to Github to make it easier to share and collaborate, but I would want to get approval from Roon to make sure that’s okay to do.

Thanks for the invite to this thread, @Kai296! Hopefully we can get some traction on this.


This is a great idea! Would love if roon offered some kind of customization or options to change the display layout by default. This would be an excellent workaround.

Nice and minimal. The artwork and info are too small for my taste (and eyes) but it looks really sleek and clean, great job!!

Only 2 votes? Wow, I figured this would have much more.

3 now, but this topic has not been posted to since the votes came into play. You have risen it back into view so hopefully more might vote

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4!! more comming :slightly_smiling_face:

This would be awesome. I tend not to use the Chromecast screen on my TV as I would prefer the main image to be the album cover rather than images of the band.

I just moved one of my votes here… periodically i am re-assessing my votes!

display design must be changed! Joes design I like a lot. Big cover for tv screen that is how it should be. It was even better if you could choose between deferent displays.