Using older iMac with 2.0

Roon Core Machine

Rock 2.0 (build 1128) on Prime Computer NUC

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iMAC OS version 10.13.6 Roon 1.8 (build 1105)

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Description of Issue

I upgraded to 2.0, not being aware of any potential OS restrictions. I also downloaded Roon ARC app.
I can operate Roon from the Roon remote on my iPad. The Roon ARC app also seems to work, at least within the house.
However, I am not able to connect my iMac with Rock. I receive the message 'Roon is trying to connect, but your Core and Remote are running different versions.
Then afterwards I read Roon 2.0 requires at least macOS 10.15.
As my iMac is quite old, I don’t believe it can be upgraded to OS 10.15.
I want to stay with Roon’s latest version (don’t want to downgrade again to 1.8).
Given that I use my iMac only as a Roon remote (not as a Core) and mainly as the tool to manage my Roon library, I was wondering if there’s no workaround that allows me to still manage my Roon library on my iMac, without having me to buy a new iMac.
It would have been great if Roon would have warned for these restrictions more visibly.

Same problem here

I’m afraid not. They all must be on the same version. However, there are topics about ‘patching’ your old macs, so they can accept newer OS version. You will need to have a little knowledge and confidence to do it. But, I’d only recommend it if you don’t depend on the machine (at least for now, while you tinker).


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Hi @Patrick_Kempenaer,

I’m sorry you’ve had issues. Unfortunately, there are OS requirements for Roon 2.0 and as you mentioned, the iMac in question doesn’t meet those requirements. That leaves you with some tweaks like what @Formula mentioned, upgrading to a newer Mac, or reverting your Roon instances to Roon 1.8 legacy. Here is the article that contains the downloads for 1.8 legacy. All instances of Roon including your core and Roon Remote instances will need to be on 1.8 legacy for it to work.

Best wishes,

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