Using roon at work

I would like to use Roon at work. I guess what I would do is to deauthorize my home computer and authorize my work computer. Once I have done that and then wish to use Roon at home I would deauthorize the work computer and authorize the home computer. At that point, how much of a chore is it to get Roon to play on the home computer? Would I have to start from scratch and wait while Roon goes through the watched file on my home computer. Would my Tidal music selections still be there? Thanks in advance for everyones help


I would love this too.

Same request here. I walk from my home to my office (I own) half mile away with 2ch systems in both.

When your license is moved over and you choose to manage a different library (like say, at the office) no changes are made to your database, so you should have no issues moving the license back and forth this way.

Just keep in mind that Roon does not currently support syncing between locations, so the libraries (and any associated edits, favorites, play history.playlists, etc) will remain separate between the two locations. Syncing between locations is on our roadmap, but I don’t have a firm timeline to share right now.

Also keep in mind that a Roon license is for the management of a single music library at a time. So while you can move the license back and forth, if others in your household want to use Roon while you’re at work, you’ll need to have two licenses.


We really need - at some point - the facility to have the remote laptop/cell/iPod hold a mirror of a selection of albums for offline use. (This could be done without damaging your licence structure.)

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@danny said a while ago that an offline mode was a top priority, hope it still is:

@jkev2: Using a VPN might be a workaround for you, connecting your office computer to your home network and then stream from your Roon server at home.

So taking this one step further. I sync my music library from my NAS to a portable USB3 3TB drive that I bring to work and listen to on my 2ch setup in my office. If I were to install roon on my office PC and deauthorize the home PC and authorize the work PC, I can shuttle between using roon at work and at home.

Would I be able to backup my roon DB at home and restore it to the work PC? If I did that, would roon retain all my edits as well. Then I could just backup the DB before I leave work and restore it when I get home and I should be good. Yes?

It still is a top priority, but to do this right requires quite a bit of work, including offline and streaming infrastructure. NAT hole-punching and other network tricks are required as well. We also want to support offline playback.

Well, it was as you said it would be. Moving the license from one computer to the other was a breeze. The music library was found as soon as I changed the authorization and Tidal music selected on one computer showed up immediately on the other. I used my Apple match account to download all of the tracks that are in my music library to my work computer so that I can have two libraries that are almost the same. Since I play my work computer at a very low volume, it’s not necessary to have lossless files there. Pretty good workaround until Roon comes up with something more elegant.


I’m pretty keen on this feature as well.

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When I was using Roon, I found an easy solution: connect my Work computer to my Home server using a simple LogmeIn Hamachi. If you have a good bandwidth it works well.
But to be honest in the end I gave up on Roon, realizing, like you, that 90% of my time is:
a. working (out of my home)
b. commuting or travelling
So the parts of my life when I’m in front of my nice big sound system with time to explore music are really rare.
I need to be able to listen to music everywhere (bicycle, airplane, restaurant, abroad etc)
And definitely: I don’t like Tidal, so using their app and sync some stuff was not an option (I need to sync my stuff, not what Tidal has).
In the end… funny for me… I went back to itunes and Apple Music. Sound is “ok” and options are limitless. I get my playing history back from, can play with my tons of playlists. That’s it.
I’m a little bit off topic here sorry. But I answered the question before going for some philosophy on my choices in music streaming. Cheers

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