Using roon with Apple Remote

Hello, i‘m running roon core on a mac mini 2012 and that is absolutely great! :hugs:

Now i found out, that i can serve roon with the apple remote what is absoultely fantastic (until now i used my iphone and a lenovo tab4 as roon remotes) but the apple remote is much more comfortable to start/stop music and skip tracks! :muscle:

But unfortunatelly the vol+/- buttons seem to be not supportet :confused:

Is it possible to use them anyway to manage roon volume?

THX :hugs:

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Hey @Andreas_Knoche, thanks so much for your question.

There is a limitation with this feature, as volume controls are not supported.

Other users are discussing this feature over in our Feature Suggestions sub-forum - if you’d like to join in on the conversation, you can check it out here: Infrared Remote Control Support. Our Product Team is continuously monitoring this forum for feedback from our users. :slight_smile:


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