Using roon without a tablet

Hi here. Asking for a friend who is not able to use touch panels properly following a motorbike accident that compromised his ability to use his hands properly, He can only deal with hard buttons remotes. Any idea about an endpoint and/or method to enjoy Roon fantastic features without a touch panel? Thanks! Antonio

Can he use a laptop? A laptop works better than a tablet IMHO.

Or a mouse and keyboard.

Thank you guys, how kinfd of you. apparently he has problem using keyboard and mouse, He can only deal with a trackball. I will try to find a wireless one that he can attach to the weelchair. If anyone also has advice he is very welcome

It might also be worth looking at solutions such as this one, which would at least cover some functionality - there seem to be lots of variants of the physical device - Iā€™m not sure to what extent (if at all) the other buttons could be customised to better meet his needs.

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