Using windows can’t leave the page and than go back in. It just freezes

Using roon on pc. We open roon in windows everything works fine we can play music from our nas or tidal but when we minimize roon and than go back, it’s frozen

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I’m experiencing this too :frowning:

Running Roon on a VAIO Laptop, Windows 8.1 with 128 SSD (.m2) and 4 GB RAM. I can have Roon running for a while and after I’ve switched between running programs/windows the Roon window is just white. The music still plays and I can click somwehere on the white ‘surface’ and it affects the music. Really strange. It doesn’t matter if the Roon windows is full size or smaller.

Hi guys checkout this post, I suspect it is relevant:

I’d recommend going to the Intel Drivers site, rather than Windows, and updating to the latest version.


Thanks for your reply.

So far I’ve updated the drivers that were available from my manufacturer (Sony) and tried from Intel but got an error saying it hasn’t been validated by the manufacturer. The update that was done did not solve the problem but I will keep trying and post updates here if I make progress :yum:

I run Roon on a i5 Sony Vaio tablet on Win 10 , fully patched etc, I also run it on an i7 7700 Desktop, Win 10 fully patched and I dont see this effect on either

I would certainly look at drivers and possible make sure your Windows is fully patched . MS do some funny things with periodic updates.

Another thought is AntiVirus , they often play games. I only confirm that files are Virus Free as I import them into my ssystem

To this end I manage a “Working” drive fully covered by Windows Defender

Once I am happy with a file I copy to my Library drives (Audio and Video) these are excluded from AV coverage .

This is a legacy of issues with Video stuttering as the File is AV monitored as it was playing, removing the drive from AV sorted the issue

BUT Windows 10 seems very stable as far as I see.

Good Luck


Hello @StayfrostySE,

Just wanted to check in with you here, have you been able to resolve this issue through driver updates or through excluding the files from AV scanning as Mike mentioned? This certainly seems like a display driver issue to me, one other suggestion I have heard that helps resolve this issue is using 32-bit Roon instead of 64-bit, I would also give that a shot if possible. Please let me know your findings.


Hello @noris
Here’s an update…

Maybe I should clarify my setup. All my music files are located on a NAS (Synology). My Roon server is on a dedicated Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny with Core i5, 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM running Ubuntu Server 18.04. The server runs very well. The issues I have is with the Roon Remote on my Windows PC. It’s a Sony VAIO, i5, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Windows 8.1 and all patched.

The Roon Remote on my PC has a tendency to “whiteout” when it’s maximized from being minimized. This does not happen if I just ALT+TAB switch between windows, only if I intentionally minimize Roon and then maximize it.

Regarding antivirus I don’t see how that would affect the Roon Remote on my PC since the music is still playing and the music isn’t loacted on the PC. I deactivated my antivirus for a while but it had no impact. My NAS runs antivirus aswell and I will try and shut it down but I don’t see a logical reason that could be the cause (and yes I know computers arent’t always logical haha).

I have decided to upgrade to Windows 10 this coming week so we’ll see if that fixes it. I will post as soon as I have some results :slight_smile:

Hello @StayfrostySE,

Thanks for the update, appreciate it. The “whiteout” you’re describing is very similar to the issues people have been describing regarding the Intel HD Drivers issue although it may be resolved when you upgrade. Please let me know how that goes or if you have any other questions in the meantime just let me know!


The problem persists. Instead of a whiteout, the screen and all functionality freezes for period of time, like 10–15 seconds. I just tried upgrading the drivers and seeing if I could my old XPS18, but no luck. Intel graphis 4000 series do not work with Roon. Be warned if you’re relying on that graphics functionality for any device that’s going to be running Roon short of a headless server.