Valence Formula

With the release of Art Director, we’ve added an “info page” at Here, you’ll see a page with a reasonable explanation of the types of things Valence does and how Roon + Valence is different than any other player out there. I know it’s not quite “the formula”, but it’s the best overview we’ve written up to date.

If you have questions or want us to add more detail to this page, let us know!


And yet the title of the topic is “Valence Formula”, not “Valence Overview”. Come on, Danny!

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i’d like it produced in plain english, on review it seems like multiple sections of marketing buzz words that in reality have no meaning.

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@danny, do you have plans for allowing users to suggest corrections for lyrics (or complete lyrics when missing)? Sadly LyricFind contains way too many errors for licensed data. In my experience, Genius, which is user contributed, is more accurate for instance.

So I now see that custom Genres I have created are no longer autofilled with some arbitrary artist pic. This is an improvement as those pics generally do not represent the genre. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a genre image to the edit function?

As an example, my Nature genre is recordings of the natural world, and it used to show a pic of three dudes, which was irritating. Nature recordists don’t generally want their pictures featured on their work. But a nice pic of a natural setting would be nice. I’d love to upload a open source/free licensed picture of a nature scene there.