Version options Tidal or Qobuz

I noticed this issue was closed. But I definitely have this issue. Album will show both streaming options. But no way to choose which one to listen too or add to Library.
The VERSION choice is gone. Also missing from FOCUS. No option to choose a streaming service.

This is every single multiple listing title. And yes I am logged into both services and can play selections from both. Just no option to change album.

Hey @rpadole

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

If you’re not seeing the Versions button in Roon it’s probably due to not having version 831 downloaded on the device that you’re using. Please ensure that you’re running the latest version on all your devices.

Following on from @jamie, to verify the Roon version of the device and the Roon Core go to Roon app’s Settings > About page.

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