Very confused - Have 1.8 Legacy installed and do NOT want 2.0 --- Update may have over-ridden my command

I saw an update was available. Since i do NOT want 2.0 i asked for details on suggested update (meaning i did not select “update” - i don’t recall the precise wording of the other option but it was informational. Rather than provide them, it downloaded and said “update awaiting relaunch”. No info on what this update IS.

Are there 1.8 updates? what do they change?

Am i about to get 2.0 like it or not?

Something did not work as it ought to have. PLs clarify what i have and how to handle.



There’s was an update to 1.8 legacy as well. See this.

OK, good info thanks.

However i still have two issues:

  1. Why did it download and prepare to install when i told it not to?
  2. Why does it not indicate the version to be installed

oh, one more. Will v1.8 legacy ever update to 2.0 or would i need to do so explicitly?



OK, if i go to the bottom it seems to say, without actually saying it, that it will not auto update to 2.0 - rather i will need to download the installer. If true, this is a relief. Of course, i was auto updated to 2.0 some weeks ago before such a thing as 1.8 legacy existed… so once burned, twice shy.


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They were introduced on the same day, Roon 2.0 and Roon 1.8 Legacy.

Not sure what i ought to make of this post. I know about 2.0, i know about 1.8. I downgraded to 1.8 legacy. My issue is that the (auto) update process already began an un-asked-for update and gave no version info… what does this last post tell me? Sorry if I’m thick - but it does not seem to address installer issues – only the coexistence of the two versions for some unspecified time.

Read the software release notes and you won’t be so confused as to the releases and the release dates. Also, you’ve probably already done this, but make sure auto updates are turned off.

You are not thick. This update process as you have detailed it, is vague and unclear. I was also not at all clear as to what would be installed upon “relaunch” . And it certainly was not clear that there was an update to 1.8 Legacy.

I’m absolutely sure, that on setting “Ask before downloading any updates”, one is not auto-updated without options - never happened to me in almost three years!

If one gets that blue pop-up regarding an available update, the “Details” option will open the “About” tab, where “Read change log” clearly identifies what’s going to change on taking the update.

No magic, no surprises, just using another piece of software on a computer…

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What you are describing is not what happened. I opened roon on my laptop (operating it as remote). A purple box popped up saying that some roon instances were out of date. It has two options - install or (i can’t recall the exact wording) “details”. I clocked ??? details". I received a message “update is downloading and awaiting restart”.

Now as it turned out this was OK, since it was a 1.8 “dot” release. But it said nothing about what the release was.

Having had to find and re-install all my apps on about 9 devices (mostly older laptops, whcih is another beef i have with 2.0) i really, really did not want to deal with yet another rollback from 2.0 to 1.8. The user interface and details communication is pretty awful.

Apparently, 1.8 legacy will nto update to 2.0 without intervention. Good. Apparently it will continue to update. Good, i guess. Apparetly it will be an obscure process (bad).

Sigh. A lifetime owner stuck on an old version.


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