Very frequent crashes running Roon on macOS

Roon Core Machine

M2 MacBook Air, 24GB RAM, running Venture 13.2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I just use this computer

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos speakers, but mostly headphones

Number of Tracks in Library

About 12k tracks

Description of Issue

So, in the last few months Roon has started crashing on a regular basis. I’ve submitted the crash reports to Apple, and tried to send them to Roon support but it seems like this is the only support channel (kind of a bummer!)

It’ll crash mid-song, and sometimes just after hitting Play. The crash closes the application and opens the “Send to Apple” dialog. I’ve seen similar issues and some more details based on that:

  • I don’t use Qoboz or any of the other streaming solutions. I just listen to files on my computer.
  • I’ve seen the advice to create a backup and restore from it. Unfortunately, I started the backup yesterday morning and it’s still running. Is twenty-four hours an expected runtime for creating a backup?
  • The only thing I can think of that might be causing this crash is that I keep my music collection in my iCloud folder. I can try changing that, but that has never been a problem in the several years that I’ve been using Roon - it’s only in the last three years that I can’t get through an album without the application crashing.