Very long track lengths [Solved]

I have several (many) albums where the tracks length are very, very long. See the attached image.

I tried to reconvert the files, re-scan, re-everything and the track length may change, but is still very long.

These tracks play, but the tend to fail before the end of the song. They play without problems with JRiver.

Please, advice.


Hi, Have you tried forcing Roon to re- analyse these music files?

Check the info in your file tags. Worth checking from the source first.

Hello Carl,

Yes. I forced Roon to re-analyze some of them. I even deleted the files from the NAS, convert them using DBPowerlab (using the same # of bits and frecuency for the output) and copying them back to the NAS.

Looking at the tag information of “Oh, Pretty Woman” I can see the length is 178 and lengthms is 178929. flamecount is 17177199.

I hope this helps.

Thank you


Hello @Pacomo, thanks for the report, our team will help you with the issue. To investigate the problem deeper we need a support package form you and media files which have incorrect length. I’ll contact with you using PM with further instructions. Stay tuned.

Was there a solution for this - i am finding that long talk show podcasts will not show up in Roon, By long I am talking 3hrs 59mins
The shorter ones do - import seems to work for 90 minutes shows

Hey @jayrammusic.

Pacomo had another sort of issue - Roon was incorrectly reading the file tag as result app was showing inaccurate track length.

As for your complaint, we don’t have any limits regarding length of the track. Your files are just somewhat different than the others. To understand why Roon can’t import them we need few samples of those files to reproduce the issue in-house. If you have a way to send them over via Dropbox or similar methods, you can just PM me a link. Otherwise, I can send you some instructions for uploading the media directly to me.