Very Slow (sometimes freeze) Roon Control if too many albums by one Artist


I have from an Artist more than 2000 Albums. If I going to this Artist Main Page, Roon is very slow or freeze completely.
Also if I select an Album of this Artist, on the right side is “by this Artist”, so it is not possible to scroll down the tracks.

This problem exist on different Control Plattforms.
I’ve tested it with ipad, Windows 10 and with a Macbook Pro.

On the iPad the App crash, I think to less CPU, on the Macbook Pro it is not crashing, but no fun to scroll :slight_smile:

I think there should be a maximum of results which are showed in GUI, say it shows only 100 of the results and not all 2000

Interesting, in the view of all albums without a filter of any artists I do not have any problems

CORE is running under Linux with 8GB Ram and 8 CORE i7


wow how did you end up in that situation? 2000 albums in an artist

It is a huge Prince Collection. Lot of Promo and Bootlegs. So it counts currently 2052 CD’s.

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I have this problem also. Being a “Deadhead” allows me to have many different concerts over the 30 years they played. The ipad doesn’t work well with this type of catalog. It would be nice if the “by this artist” was limited to say 10 albums or something to help improve the performance. Or perhaps there could be a few shown with a button to show more. Not sure how complicated it would be to add this feature but it would be nice.