Visual or library caching bug

I have noticed in the last few builds of Roon either a visual bug or a cache bug that isn’t refreshing up to date information about albums going into the library, e.g.

List of latest new albums from the Folk/Americana genre view in Tidal

Click on album from Tidal view. Option given to “Add to Library”

But, album is already in my library

And indeed, if I click on “Add to Library” from within the Tidal view, the view immediately updates to
with no spinning wheel of a new album being added, which sort of shows it’s not actually re-adding the album to the library and is a visual or cache related bug. This is repeatable across any album I have added via Tidal.

This is happening on all my Windows 10 remotes, haven’t tested on iPad yet to see if behaviour is the same there.
Roon Server is installed on QNAP TS-451.

Isn’t this a long-standing issue (not just from the last few builds)?

Mike has said that the team are considering making changes here, because the current behaviour is counter-intuitive.

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Ah, thanks Geoff. My search fu is obviously not on point today.

immediately after vertical scrolling is done.