Volume leveling for nonlocal material

My impression is, Roon volume leveling is only for local files. Is that correct?

If so, would it not be possible to implement volume leveling for remote files in the user’s Roon library? Would it not entail only an analysis when the files are added to the library? Or would that concept founder because of access controls in streaming services?

If that wouldn’t work, would it be possible, theoretically, for the user to set a volume level for each remote track & store it?

With the volume wars so extreme, volume changes within playlists can be really irritating and at the least break the spell of the music.

I’ll appreciate comments!

No. Playing from Qobuz, open signal path:

If you experience uneven volume in playlists, go to the Zone settings and ensure that volume leveling is set to Auto. The Auto setting levels per-track for playlists (i.e., ensuring same volume for all tracks in a playlist) and per-album for albums (i.e., keeping the correct volume differences between the tracks of an album), so best of both worlds.


Interesting. When I look at “File Info” (as suggested in Roon help somewhere) for a Qobuz track, there is no info about volume leveling; but as you say, there is something in the signal path. Thanks for the info.

The file info (and other places like the track browser, etc.) only has the volume leveling information for local files. It’s here:

It does not say that explicitly, but all the examples in the article are local files.

So the volume-leveling information is received from Qobuz when the file is accessed by Roon for playing?

Yes. This is the old post about the release of this feature. It depends on Qobuz having to have analyzed all their files, and maybe there is the odd straggler, but it has been 3 years since this post, so I hope they are done :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yes, and also info about the dynamic range display:

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