Waiting for remote core.... for two weeks

Roon Core Machine

My Roon server is a Fanless Roon Rock NUC i7 8650U with 8GB RAM DDR4 and 128 storage + 2TB 2.5"SSD. Neither wifi or bluetooth are fitted. All Roon updates have been loaded without an issue.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi is provided by SKY through a Model SR203 router. The router is wirelessly connected to a SKY Box which is connected by ethernet cable to an SoTM SNH-10G Switch. The switch is connected by ethernet cable to the Roon Rock Server and an SoTM SMS-200 Ultra Neo player with an SMS power supply. The player is connected via an optical cable to the DAC, a Marantz SA-10.

Connected Audio Devices

See above. The SoTM player feeds a Marantz SA-10 via an optical cable. The DAC feeds a signal to a Kw750 Musical Fidelity Amp and Quad electrostatic speakers
I have three additional Roon endpoints, a Naim Unity Atom, a Naim MuSo and an iMac which I use store CDs. For remotes I use a 7th generation iPad and a OnePlus 8 Pro.

Number of Tracks in Library

I mainly stream from Qobuz and perhaps 100 CDs stored on the server

Description of Issue

Simply put the problem is that the server disappeared a couple of weeks ago. On all remotes I get the same message - ‘Waiting for remote core’. On the iMac I get the same message but also I cannot find the drive that contains the music on Finder.
The setup has worked fine for about two years with the introduction over that period of a new switch and some better cable. Expecting little, I have been very pleased by the quality of the sound it used to produce.
What I have done so far:
Unplugging and replugging just about everything in different orders
Sending the server back to the manufacturer for checking, and to reload the Roon software
Changed the ethernet cables that connect the switch and the server and the switch and the SKY box.
The SKY minibox connected wirelessly to the router continues to work without fault.

I would greatly appreciate some help. As you can tell, I don’t have a great deal of expertise in this area!!

Hook it up, via HDMI, to a TV and what’s on the screen? Try to keep it plugged in the same way it is wherever it normally lives (ethernet cable on same port, etc.).

Okay can do that in a couple of minutes.

HI Ian,

That is a bit confusing to me, can you provide more background on the actual Intel NUC model and the manufacturer?

Extremely small image showing details of software and a web UI address

So small that we can’t see it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect you need to try again…

Do you want the details? I can read it okay.

Serial 54B20391157E
OS 1.0 build 227 stable
Address is

So the PC is getting a network address with the above IP. What are the IP numbers of your other devices. I suspect that they are on different subnets which is why you cannot see the NUC.

Right, so the network address is

Do you happen to know the network address of one of your Roon Remote devices? It should be in the range 192.168.0.x where x is 2 to 254. I suspect your SR203 router is sitting at

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to read the IP addresses on the other devices. How do I do that?

Great minds think alike… :grinning:

I’m a Windows guy - how do we look up the IP addresses of Apple devices?

On the iMac I.ve entered and now can see the mac addresses of all the devices on the network.

So, I think you are looking at the web administration pages of your Router?

Can you post a screenshot of this list of IP addresses?

Sky Hub - Summary Status

OK - that’s a list of the hardware’s MAC addresses - what we really need to see is a list of the IP addresses that have been assigned to the devices by your router. Is there a web page in your router for that?

I don’t actually see your ROCK/NUC’s MAC address in that list - which leads me to think that you may have two IP networks.

You said earlier that your Roon serial number was: 54B20391157E. This is actually derived from the hardware MAC address of your NUC, which will be: 54-b2-03-91-15-7e

Last thought (before I go to bed)… Could you plug your NUC directly into one of the yellow ethernet ports of the SR203 router as a test to see if it appears on the network then?

Sure - I will do that right away…

You’ve probably done it, but reboot your NUC after plugging it into the router…

Yes it does appear on the list with the number you suggested.

Overnight I can find a way of deriving IP addresses from Mac addresses. I have to find out how to open a command window.