Waiting on Server

Roon Server Machine

Sonictransporter I5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FIOS g1100 ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

iMac,Bluesound Nod both connected Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The crashes are getting bad. Just 5 minutes this morning and music stopped and the msg waiting for Roon Server. Nothing has changed in my network. Today while listening on my IMAC, wired ethernet, Roon crashed. Also on my system downstairs wired ethernet to Bluesound node crashes with the same message. I read various forum messages, folks with Windows platform, Mac OS platform and I who has a Sonictransporter are experiencing this for at least the last two months. I emailed tech support for the Sonictransporter and nothing has changed for them and they are not aware of any issues with their server. I really didn’t expect there to be an issue with their product. I haver rebooted, power cycled, myFios router, my Sonic transporter, my IMAC, my blue sound node and no help. This is really frustrating. I really would like tech support to respond to this issue that I and several users are having. I know it’s the holiday season, that shouldn’t mean no tech support other than volunteer responses to this issue.

Hi, @Gocubs42, thank you for your report. Could you, please, clarify, what exactly do you mean when saying that Roon crashed did the app closed on your iMac or crash in this context means that the app lost connection with the Server? Could you, please, also specify the timestamp when this issue occurred?

I am going to request a diagnostics report from your RoonServer and see if we can get any info about this event from it.



The app lost connection to the server crash was not the proper word

This morning after 9 am and three times yesterday afternoon

Just disconnected at4:13 pm

Thank you, @Gocubs42, I will review the report and see what info we can get out of it.


Just disconnected at 10:00am

Roon disconnected @11:29 am 12/29

Could you, please, also upload Roon logs from the remotes affected to this issue? The instruction can be found here, our uploader for logs can be found here.



log files sent

Roon waiting on server disconnect 12/31 at 10:27 am

Disconnected around 3:20pm 12/31 log files sent. You should have two sets of log files different dates

Disconnected again 3:54pm 12/31.

Listen to a local radio station through Roon disconnect from server 1/1/24 9:48 am on my IMAC wired ethernet.

10:22 am1/1/2024 disconnect from server. 10 minutes of listening to music when disconnected. I know everyone is off today but want you to know level of this issue. I’m stopping using roon and going to Spotify until I hear from the Roon team. Thanks for looking

Also sent log files

I have also experienced this a few times since the last update…

Failed 8:38 am “waiting for server”. 1/4/2024@8:38 am. Also sending log files

Different setup, same problem, Roon just stops. Looking at task manger, I see high cpu usage for Roon. HQPlayer should be the only high usage. Closing Roon and reopening, it all looks normal, until it happens again. Several times a day. Using HQplayer for playback now. Can I sell my Roon lifetime?

No you can’t. If you want help with your issue then please post a support request in the Support category of the forum and fill out the post template with your Roon setup details. Otherwise, just carry on with HQplayer.