Watched folder. Map drive or point to host? Albums also not visible

All my music is on drives not residing in my Roon core computer.
I originally had mapped network drives from my fileserver onto my Roon core. The only problem though was that if the computer was shutdown they didn’t automatically reconnect even though I had it selected to do so.
I decided to try watching the folders using the network host name instead of mapped drives. So now i’m watching


The only problem now though is Roon doesn’t even appear to be scanning some of the drives. I have one drive that says “Connected, watching for new files in real time”, but it hasn’t detected a single file on a 6TB drive.

Also now none of my albums show up. Roon says I have XXXX amount of albums, but the overview page shows no albums and when I select “albums” all I get is the Roon icon moving around. If I go to and artist it will show their top tracks but no albums listed, just the Roon icon moving around.

Hey @robbbby – sorry for the trouble here. I’d like to take a look at your logs, so we have a sense of what’s happening here.

Can you refer to the PM I had sent you previously, and send us some logs again? Just let me know when they’ve been uploaded and we’ll take a look.