Watched subfolders inside music folder >> watch the whole music folder

Since I manually have to rescan folders because Roon doesn’t do it on NAS, I wonder if I could kind of migrate my watched subfolders to the parent folder without having to rescan all the files = 100k+.

Or can I simply add “music” and Roon will handle this automatically? Perhaps someone stumbled over this also and can give some advise how do achieve this.

The safest bet is to create a new empty ‘parent’ folder and add it tl Roon as a watched folder.
After (manual) scanning, resulting in 0 results, you can then start moving the albums contained in your current subfolders to the new parent folder.
I would start with a few albums to see if everything works out fine, and force the rescan.
If everything works fine I would continue in batches of about 100 albums , in order for Roon to deal with the changes timely. It is possible that you have to force rescan for every batch.

Further to the above, best practice when moving or renaming folders is to stop Roon server first. Move the folders then restart Roon server. This should avoid a long standing issue and avoid Roon detecting duplicate files by mistake.


Not sure I understand your question, but as far as I can tell Roon reads all subfolders within a watched folder. So as long as your adding music to your watched folder, it doesn’t matter if it’s added as a subfolder. Roon can still find it.

Thank you for your suggestions. I tried to add the “music” folder, gave Roon Server the time to read it in… and ended up with 100% duplicates. So I deleted the subfolders one after another, and now I have a music folder with all my files in as before. Special thanks to David!

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