Welcome New Moderators @Rugby and @RBM!

The opening months of 2017 have been incredibly busy on the Community Site, with lots of feedback, suggestions, and questions about Roon 1.3, Bluesound, MQA, and more.

As our user base and staff grows, so must our trusty team of tireless moderators, who do an incredible amount of work keeping this site running smoothly, and making sure questions are answered.

Our three new moderators @Rugby and @RBM have all done a ton of work around the site in the past, and it was long overdue that we “make it official” :wink:

Welcome them, and thank them for shouldering this newfound responsibility!

And remember guys:


Great, guys, your help has been (and will be) much appreciated! :grinning:

Good luck, guys! :smile:


so… they now get a special notification whenever tagged @Rugby @RBM @JSE ? :laughing:

Great work.

I love this community, a great bunch of people.

Friendly, helpful and good humoured (Generally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I spend way too much time here :grinning:

Thanks for all your hard work and the time you spend helping us all.


Congratulations folks! The folks at Roon could not have picked a better set of people to add to our - already excellent - set of mods!

I look forward to your shepherding. :slight_smile:


Huh? @Rugby @JSE and @RBM are now Moderators?

What were they before this?

Oh. I think I get it. Now they can’t speculate on the feature-set of the next Roon upgrade. Or when it will happen.

Three of our most knowledgeable and insightful participants have been officially muzzled.

This is how dictatorships start.



Hope they will be better than the previous ones. :grin:



Top appointments, always very helpful :+1::+1::+1:

Fine, I’m very happy with this enthausiaste people.
You are doing a really good job.
Maybe one of you can even look at this bug?

Hi all – glad to be part of the team. Since this pretty little nook-o-the-internet was eating way too much time already, it’s a small effort really… :wink:

That’s fake news, most definitely. Must be an alternate fact.

@Roony – I moved your thread to the Support forum so it can get proper attention. Consider it a free and complimentary mod action. :wink:


Glad to have you all on board, officially.