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Trying to troubleshoot the WGBH radio stream. The HTTP:// listings don’t work, and Roon “can’t find a station” at https://streams.audio.wgbh.org:8200/wgbh although the URL works fine. The 24-7 Jazz URL is similar and works as well, even in Roon.

Anyone have ideas?

Roon already has WGBH-FM which works for me. Are you unable to play it?

Looks like the “Boston Public Radio” entry works and the 24/7 entry works. The WGBH Jazz Decades one does not work.

Interesingly for me, Jazz Decades works (as does Jazz 24-7), but not the Boston Public Radio feed. I get a ‘failed to load’ error.

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It seems Jazz Decades no longer exists - at least I cannot find it. The Jazz stream on WGBH is now the 24/7 one?

Something wrong there. The Jazz decades stream doesn’t work. Are your stations mixed up?

No, oddly it worked for like 90 seconds (or at least it played something), and now I get the station error for Jazz Decades. So I agree that Jazz 24-7 works, but can’t get the main station stream to work even when I try to set it up manually.

You won’t be able to set it up with that URL you posted as Roon has a bug concerning https and specified ports.

Nevertheless, you should be able to play the database version as I have added slightly different URLs. Are you sure you are trying the DB version?

PS I have unlisted the jazz decades station.

So strange. Still can’t, but it’s just that one stream. I’ll try to troubleshoot around here, but if others are getting the stream OK, it’s clearly just me. Thanks!

Hmm, the radio station should show four…

(PS - I changed the logo, the old one was low Res)

I see four streams now for the main station.

Sorry, imprecise language. I see the four stream options for WGBH-FM. None of them are working for me.

Ok. I have added an MP3 stream. Try that.

If that works, are you running your core on a Qnap or Synology?

That works. And yes - my Core is a QNAP. (And now I notice the Jazz 24/7 stream is an MP3 as well…)

Then you need to update your codecs. By default the Qnap codecs don’t support aac, and furthermore any updates you may have done to the codecs may disappear with qnap updates.

This post

may help, or this one has some step by step instructions.

Thanks Brian. Hadn’t occurred to me that the different WGBH stations would be using different file types. Appreciate your help - and thanks for the mp3 stream in the meantime!

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It looks like we may have got there in the end.

Please let me know if you get things sorted.

Update: Yes, the mp3 stream worked. But in the end I pulled the Core off my QNAP anyway. The HDD was causing stuttering on music playback. Thank you for your help!

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