What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Ralph Pantuso) #204

Since tonight’s happy hour featured playoff football rather than music I figured that I’d post something from when my wife and I were down in Jamaica two weeks ago. I didn’t post it at the time because I was on vacation and wasn’t playing on the Internet and anyway the Internet and cellular were both painfully slow.

A few words of explanation:
I was not streaming via Roon so I was using Tidal, which worked great and has some really first rate playlists.
The audio was provided via bluetooth to my UE MegaBoom speaker, which is an excellent portable bluetooth speaker with great sound and battery life.
The drink was good old Jim Beam since the bourbon selection in Jamaica is rather limited.
The shot was taken while enjoying happy hour and sunset from our terrace.

Below are two other shots taken from the terrace.



(Ralph Pantuso) #206


Going to see an Elvis Tribute show on Saturday so I’m getting into Elvis mode.


(Ralph Pantuso) #208


I love the way Roon handles these massive multi-disc collections - 20 discs, over 230 tracks and 14+ hours. Great for parties and many happy hours.

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(Ralph Pantuso) #211

Drinking while listening to Tom Waits?!?! How could you? :rofl:

(Ralph Pantuso) #212

All-in-one picture! Due to a painting project which is making the main listening room unusable for a few days I’m playing music on my home theater system using Google Chromecast, which provides a really big display on the HDTV. A few words about the drink - the Knob Creek Smoked Maple is overly sweet so I mix it with the Heritage Bourbon, which is rather light weight, and it makes a very good combo that is not too sweet.


I know right? :grin:




Drinking blueberry infused vodka. Blueberries hand picked off the Denali Highway up here in Alaska by a friend who also did the infusion. A splash of soda … unbelievable! I’ll be sad when it’s gone as I obviously can’t buy more :cry:.

Anoushka Shankar helps with the effect :heart_eyes:.





(Ralph Pantuso) #218

Interesting whiskey. Roasted blue corn - so how does it taste?

(Paul) #219

Thanks, reminds me have a PC8 in the cabinet :yum:


It’s a smoky BBQ smack to the taste buds with a finish that lasts for hours (next day). Intense smoke, salty grilled meats, a spicy sweetness. Not for the faint-hearted. It packs a wallop…

(Reader of the Internets) #221

Aged in old BBQ-sauce barrels from the Iron Works, no doubt.

(Ralph Pantuso) #222

Thanks! I will have to get my local liquor store to order me a bottle.